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MINI cars personalised with 3D printed parts – powered by Twikit

Advanced car personalization running on Twikbot® Car personalization has been popular ever since. In which level it was applied depended on many factors like the availability of options from the car manufacturer itself or the artistic skills of some of its customers. Today, car manufacturers already offer a wide range of pre-defined options. In the […]

3D printers have ‘fingerprints,’ a discovery that could help trace 3D-printed guns

Like fingerprints, no 3D printer is exactly the same. That’s the takeaway from a new study that describes what’s believed to be the first accurate method for tracing a 3D-printed object to the machine it came from. The advancement could help law enforcement and intelligence agencies track the origin of 3D-printed guns, counterfeit products and […]

These New Photos of the World’s First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge Are Stunning

The creators of the world’s first 3D-printed steel bridge, a 40-foot stainless steel structure titled simply “The Bridge” that looks tantalizingly otherworldly thanks to its unique construction methods, say it is now ready for installation in Amsterdam following its ongoing week on show at the Dutch Design Week from Oct. 20-28. Photo: MX3D (Joris Laarman […]

This Sand Printer Seems Perfect for Beach Wedding Proposals

Wedding proposals are just one of the many minefields you have to navigate on social media platforms, and Ivan Miranda isn’t making things any easier. He’s designed and built an autonomous printer that can draw messages in sand, so now’s probably a good time to brace yourself for an endless barrage of “will you marry […]

The first 3D printed houses will be built in the Netherlands this year

The city of Eindhoven soon hopes to boast the world’s first commercially-developed 3D-printed homes, an endeavor known as Project Milestone. Artist’s rendering of 3D printed home neighborhood. ( Construction on the first home begins this year and five houses will be on the rental market by 2019, project organizers say. Within a week of releasing […]

3D-printed public housing unveiled in France

NANTES, France (Reuters) – Researchers have unveiled what they billed as the world’s first 3D-printed house to serve as a home in the French city of Nantes, with the first tenants due to move in by June. Academics at the University of Nantes who led the project said it was the first house built in […]

Berkeley Lab Scientists Print All-Liquid 3-D Structures

Scientists from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have developed a way to print 3-D structures composed entirely of liquids. Using a modified 3-D printer, they injected threads of water into silicone oil — sculpting tubes made of one liquid within another liquid. They envision their all-liquid material could be used […]

India: Yeah, we would like to 3D-print igloos on the Moon

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to build igloos on the Moon with a view to creating an Antarctica-like outpost. Dr Jitendra Singh of the Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space gave the response to a question (PDF) asked in the Indian Parliament by Shri Suman Balka last week, a member […]

It Took Almost 10 Days to 3D-Print This Giant Millennium Falcon Model

Typically, when we see 3D-printed replicas as large as this 2.3-foot long Millennium Falcon, they’re assembled from hundreds of smaller 3D-printed parts. But YouTube’s stonefx83 didn’t want to go to all that trouble, so he simply scaled up Andrew Askedall’s 3D model of the Falcon, and then let his printer run for over nine days […]

ByFlow sells 3D Food Printers in NL

Focus 3D Food Printer 10x Voedsel veilige en hervulbare cartridges. 4 nozzles in 2 verschillende grootte. 5 voorbereide designs om meteen te kunnen beginnen met printen. Toegang to meerdere recepten en designs voor 3D Food Printing Source: Bestel uw 3D voedsel Printer |byFlow EUR3300,-

You could soon be manufacturing your own drugs—thanks to 3D printing

Forget those long lines at the pharmacy: Someday soon, you might be making your own medicines at home. That’s because researchers have tailored a 3D printer to synthesize pharmaceuticals and other chemicals from simple, widely available starting compounds fed into a series of water bottle–size reactors. The work, they say, could digitize chemistry, allowing users […]

Rs 500, 10 minutes, and you have access to billion Aadhaar (Indian social security) details

It took just Rs 500, paid through Paytm, and 10 minutes in which an “agent” of the group running the racket created a “gateway” for this correspondent and gave a login ID and password. Lo and behold, you could enter any Aadhaar number in the portal, and instantly get all particulars that an individual may […]

Apis Cor. 3D building printer

Apis Cor are the first company to develop a mobile construction 3D printer which is capable of printing whole buildings completely on site.Also we are people. Engineers, managers, builders and inventors sharing one common idea – to change the construction industry so that millions of people will have an opportunity to improve their living conditions.On […]

This Smartphone Microscope Lets You Play Games With Microbes

Introducing the LudusScope, a 3D-printed, open-sourced system that lets you control and play games with living microbes on your smartphone. Tormenting single-celled organisms has never been so much fun. Source: This Smartphone Microscope Lets You Play Games With Microbes

Scientists’ sneaky smartphone software steals 3D printer designs

By placing the smartphone next to a printer, if you know the type of printer, you can listen to it and hear what it’s printing. Then you can reassemble 94% of the original design. Source: Scientists’ sneaky smartphone software steals 3D printer designs

Laser-assisted direct ink writing of planar and 3D metal architectures

The ability to pattern planar and freestanding 3D metallic architectures at the microscale would enable myriad applications, including flexible electronics, displays, sensors, and electrically small antennas. A 3D printing method is introduced that combines direct ink writing with a focused laser that locally anneals printed metallic features “on-the-fly.” To optimize the nozzle-to-laser separation distance, the […]

$99 Smartphone 3D Printer. by OLO 3D Inc.

Tiny and portable, it hardens the resin using the light of the smartphone screen. It uses 4AA batteries for power. X-Y resolution: up to 0.042 mm (quality dep. on device) Z resolution: up to 0.036 mm (0.12 mm in quick-mode) 400cm3

3D printed items can be reversed engineered using a smartphone to listen to the sound of the printing proces

The team, led by Mohammad Al Faruque, director of UCI’s Advanced Integrated Cyber-Physical Systems Lab, showed that a device as ordinary and ubiquitous as a smartphone can be placed next to a machine and capture acoustic signals that carry information about the precise movements of the printer’s nozzle. The recording can then be used to […]

A 3D bioprinting system to produce human-scale tissue constructs with structural integrity

We present an integrated tissue–organ printer (ITOP) Source: A 3D bioprinting system to produce human-scale tissue constructs with structural integrity : Nature Biotechnology : Nature Publishing Group It can print an ear with enough structural integrity to be transplanted

A new way to print 3-D metals and alloys using rust

A team of Northwestern University engineers has created a new way to print three-dimensional metallic objects using rust and metal powders. While current methods rely on vast metal powder beds and expensive lasers or electron beams, Northwestern’s new technique uses liquid inks and common furnaces, resulting in a cheaper, faster, and more uniform process. The […]

Wave City 3d printed Coffee Table

Wave Coffee Table Source: mousarris | Wave Coffee Table

3D printing polymer-derived ceramics now possible

Because ceramics cannot be cast or machined easily, three-dimensional (3D) printing enables a big leap in geometrical flexibility. We report preceramic monomers that are cured with ultraviolet light in a stereolithography 3D printer or through a patterned mask, forming 3D polymer structures that can have complex shape and cellular architecture. These polymer structures can be […]

Local Motors 3D printed car

3D Printed Hair

We introduce a technique for 3D printing soft strands, fibers, and bristles using conventional 3D printers. Our work was inspired by the phenomenon that occurs during the operation of a handheld glue gun: when a person extrudes hot glue material and moves the gun away, a “string” of residue often forms unintentionally. The shape, length, […]

3D-printed teeth can kill 99% of bacteria

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands have created a process that can manufacture 3D-printed teeth and braces which are actually good for your other teeth, and dental health in general. Source: 3D-printed teeth can kill 99% of bacteria

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