Discussing The Tastier Side Of Desktop 3D Printing


After nearly a decade in development, Ellie Weinstein’s Cocoa Press chocolate 3D printer kit is expected to start shipping before the end of the year. Derived from the Voron 0.1 design, the kit is meant to help those with existing 3D printing experience expand their repertoire beyond plastics and into something a bit sweeter.

So who better to host our recent 3D Printing Food Hack Chat? Ellie took the time to answer questions not just about the Cocoa Press itself, but the wider world of printing edible materials. While primarily designed for printing chocolate, with some tweaks, the hardware is capable of extruding other substances such as icing or peanut butter. It’s just a matter of getting the printers in the hands of hackers and makers, and seeing what they’ve got an appetite for.

So, why chocolate? It’s a pretty straightforward question to start the chat on, but Ellie’s answer might come as a surprise. It wasn’t due to some love of chocolate or desire to print custom sweets, at least, not entirely. She simply thought it would be an easy material to work with when she started tinkering with the initial versions of her printer back in 2014. The rationale was that it didn’t take much energy to melt, and that it would return to a solid on its own at room temperature. While true, this temperature sensitivity ended up being exactly why it was such a challenge to work with.



Source: Discussing The Tastier Side Of Desktop 3D Printing | Hackaday

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