Women are hypocrites!

All that talk about them being more moral and loyal and men having sex on the brain – it turns out that women cheat far more often (40% of them!) than men do (34%) as well as want more sex to be satisfied. Men still think about it more often though!


Well, I thought the female body builders with boobs cartoons was bad, but then you haven’t read the reviews of Donkey Punch yet. Something Awful has an incredible review of this film, littered with quotes like The couple moves through a series of predictable sexual positions (each accompanied by punching of Daire’s ass or head) Read more about OMG[…]


.. that stands for the ‘Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes’. If you think this is even remotely safe for work, you deserve all you get for clicking it at your place of employment. http://www.clublez.com/movies/index.html It’s fairly tame, but I am impressed and somewhat disturbed by the attention to detail shown here.

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Bad Date site

A list of horrible date stories, http://www.datestories.com/ They’re fairly tame, so if that doesn’t float your boat, there’s always the creepy and disturbing http://grouphug.us/ . And a site where women register cheating boyfriends, http://www.dontdatehimgirl.com/, which looks primed to violate a lot of privacy and/or slander laws.

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Retro Big Boobs

Bra Buster Magazine has opened a site with big boob nudity for posterity – all the big boobed babes from times gone past are to be found her, or (hopefully) will be found here…

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