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Years and years ago we had the FuckU-FuckMe genitaldrives models M and F which promised remote sex. It was a hoax, but still fun. Now another company is claiming a release of a usb version with the virtual hole and stick set. The diagrams look crude and the pictures look horrible. But is it for […]

Sex Movie Sites

Who knew – free sex on teh internets? Grayvee and Sexyclips for you instant sexual gratification!

Art or Porn?

This is a question that seemed to come up in the 70s a lot more than it does nowadays, but I guess what with people putting great white sharks in formaldehyde and chopping up cows and putting them in formaldehyde, the art world has other things to think about when it comes down to what […]

Women are hypocrites!

All that talk about them being more moral and loyal and men having sex on the brain – it turns out that women cheat far more often (40% of them!) than men do (34%) as well as want more sex to be satisfied. Men still think about it more often though!

Misses going crazy

And the craziest of them all is… Ms. Nevada – who not only is smoking hot herself, but has 2 smoking hot friends who’s nipples she like to lick!

Dutch womens breasts increases

Apparently 32% of Dutch women now have D-cup or larger compared with 20% five years ago!

Consent forms

Funny piece of media with some social commentary. Consent forms movie


Well, I thought the female body builders with boobs cartoons was bad, but then you haven’t read the reviews of Donkey Punch yet. Something Awful has an incredible review of this film, littered with quotes like The couple moves through a series of predictable sexual positions (each accompanied by punching of Daire’s ass or head) […]

Muscular women with huge boobs

Yes, cartoon women with huge muscles and boobs – yet another unexplored fetish.

Another new browser in the wars.

But this one is specifically for visiting porn sites with. It’s called Heatseak and implements a shell on IE, closing it down for much of the nasty behaviour certain porn sites exhibit (spyware, popups etc). The installer allows you to choose a variety of names / icons for it, so it’s not too obvious on […]

500 person Japanese synchronized orgy

Japan is probably the only country in the world where you could pull something like this off. Go Japan!

Pheremones tested

Five pheremones have been tested to see if they work and ranked in order of effectiveness.

Mens rights on child support

Well, we all know when it comes down to women and children it’s the woman who gets to say it all, and the man can just lump it and pay over the child support. Fortunately for us downtrodden men someone is starting a lawsuit to establish precedence much as there is precedence for women being […]

What does her lingerie mean?

According to the Sun and Tracey Cox, what she’s wearing indicates how she wants it – slow ‘n sexy, romantic, down ‘n dirty, energetic or quick.

National Penis Sizes

Apparently, the French are the biggest Dicks, and the Koreans the smallest – based on a sample size of around 2000… The study results showed that the average world size penis when erect is 14 centimetres (5.5 inches). The biggest averages were registered in France 16 cm (6.2 in), Italy 15 cm (5.9 in), Mexico […]

Cybersex gone awry

With conversations like these you’d think it can’t get any weirder… trust me, it can! I.F.: My s**t is hard you ready to jump aboard? 1hOttYeVe: oh yea im so wet right now I.F.: Why you just shower? 1hOttYeVe: no im wet for you I.F.: Did you ever play with supersoakers when you were a […]


.. that stands for the ‘Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes’. If you think this is even remotely safe for work, you deserve all you get for clicking it at your place of employment. It’s fairly tame, but I am impressed and somewhat disturbed by the attention to detail shown here.

Bad Date site

A list of horrible date stories, They’re fairly tame, so if that doesn’t float your boat, there’s always the creepy and disturbing . And a site where women register cheating boyfriends,, which looks primed to violate a lot of privacy and/or slander laws.

Kyla Cole

Damn, she’s hot!

Retro Big Boobs

Bra Buster Magazine has opened a site with big boob nudity for posterity – all the big boobed babes from times gone past are to be found her, or (hopefully) will be found here…

Big is Beautiful

And natural is excellent! [nsfw]

Kind Girls

How nice of these beautiful kind girls to pose naked on camera for us on a clean, pop-up free site 🙂

Superior Pictures

Really big message board with pictures.. .. of women, duh .. .. yes they’re usually fairly attractive .. .. no it’s probably not safe for work .. Superiorpics

non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

Viagra and Cialis might make you blind. Viagra makes you blind This must be some karmic catch-up on the universe’s side after failing to deliver on the exact same thing with onanism. In other news – medication can have unexpected side-effects.

American Students not getting laid

Yup, European women won’t touch them with a bargepole!

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