Well, I thought the female body builders with boobs cartoons was bad, but then you haven’t read the reviews of Donkey Punch yet.

Something Awful has an incredible review of this film, littered with quotes like

The couple moves through a series of predictable sexual positions (each accompanied by punching of Daire’s ass or head) with long layovers that involve the man kicking her modest bosom or inserting much of his foot into her mouth. Probably the most painful-looking moment in the scene is when Daire assumes a head-down doggystyle position on the couch. The man begins having anal sex with her and then lifts a foot and steps on the side of her face while this is happening. She does not appear enthusiastic about this position and, given her discomfort, I move that it be stricken from the Kama Sutra.

At long last, the man reaches his climax and administers a series of blows to Daire’s head as he completes his day’s work. It should be noted that the men in the movie do restrain their punches. Not that the film doesn’t still appear quite painful for the women, just that the men seem aware that knocking the actress unconscious or punching teeth out of her mouth are probably grounds for a filming stop.


What makes this dramatic finale great is that “Cram” and “Grip” “Johnson” appear on screen in a special follow-up to the donkey punching. Along with them is Alex Divine who is flexing her distended asshole at the camera like some sort of anal bodybuilder. They proceed to apologize for “that dumb bitch” who “totally fucked up the most important part of the scene.” She continues to be somewhat bitchy, which is understandable, and they act like stupid assholes, which is also understandable. They slap her and pull her hair, she spits at them. The best line is Cram’s, “there’s no wrong spot to hit a woman,” which if it saw broader release would go down as one of the all time greatest lines in film history for a variety of reasons.

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