So… LG lies about TV Framerates on their site

The LG55UH850V, a 4K is mentioned online as having a framerate of 120Hz at specification sites on Google

LG’s Finnish website puts the framerate at a staggering 200Hz

So does the South African website – this also boasts a “Billion Rich Colors” – color depth is only 8 bit.

After having upgraded to a graphics card that can handle 4k and 120Hz, I spent a LOT of time figuring out why I couldn’t find (or create) that mode on my PC. Support first told me the monitor had 110Hz, but that (or lower) didn’t work either. Support then told me – nope: it’s only 60 Hz.

It turns out that this is indeed buried in the manual on page 15.

The customer support rep was sorry for me, but that’s it. There is no way to take a company like LG to task apart from writing about it.

Possibly I haven’t learnt from my own posts: Don’t Buy an HDMI 2.1 TV Before You Read the Fine Print – The HDMI 2.1 specification is crazy and as long as any one of the components in the system is 2.1 compatible the rest don’t have to be, but you still get the label.

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