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How to improve the reception of a mobile modem

YouTube – How to improve the reception of a mobile modem. Basically – just put it in a pot!

Gorillacam app for iPhone

This adds a whole slew of possibilities for the camera: self timer, rapid fire, grid overlay, time lapse, press anywhere to take a picture and a bubble level. Best of all, it’s free! Gorillacam app for iPhone – Joby.

To Inhabit the Solar System

Dr. Anthony Zuppero has managed to find a way that we could affordably make the push into outer space and get to inhabit the solar system. A physicist, he’s got the whole thing calculated out, this guy is the real deal. He’s written a very very readable book about his undertaking, which you can download […]

MechWarrior: Living Legends

This is a huge Crysis mod which allows you to run vehicles, infantry and of course mechs in the war between the Inner Sphere and the Clans. It’s free and now in open beta. You can configure the mechs any way you like, upgrade them, repair them and you can shoot off parts of them. […]

Women can’t park

A female scientist was fed up of hearing comments on the parking abilities of women and found that not only do they take 20 seconds longer on average to park, they’re 5% worse at it than men. Men really ARE better at parking… and that’s a woman professor talking | Mail Online.

Thought control: now with letters

Using ECoG (electrocorticography) and overlaying electrodes directly on the surface of the brain, scientists can record reactions when letters are flashed on a screen and then play back the letters when that thought pattern is brought up. It’s around 8 letters per minute, but it’s something. There’s also a piece where they translate thought patterns […]

AZO’s point of view (real life Mirror’s Edge)

YouTube – AZO’s point of view (real life Mirror’s Edge).

Insurgent Attacks Follow Mathematical Pattern

It turns out that there is a universal human method for doing insurgency, when it comes down to the number of casualties and the timing of events. This pattern is distinct and is based on an approximate power law. Slashdot Science Story | Insurgent Attacks Follow Mathematical Pattern.

US goes mind control crazy

First this story: a guy has been sentenced to probation, where the officer gets to spend the next three years deciding if and who he’s allowed to date Wis. teen will need legal permission to date girls – And then we have this story where US soldiers are threatened with jail time if they […]

Predator UAV feeds unencrypted

It looks like the Iranians have found out that the video feeds  from Predator drones are in some cases unencrypted and can be tapped into using a $26,- program called Skygrabber. – Iranian-Backed Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones. Now it turns out that the ROVER system, a hand held video system for infantry, also recieves […]


This mouse has gold plating, swarovski crystals, leather covering,  hand stitching and works over wifi – for only $60,-! GIGABYTE – Product – PC Peripherals – Mouse – Products – GM-M7800S.

YouTube – The Known Universe by AMNH

YouTube – The Known Universe by AMNH.

Oh dear – More Climategate!

Analysts say Russian meteorological stations cover most of the country’s territory, and that the Hadley Center had used data submitted by only 25% of such stations in its reports. Over 40% of Russian territory was not included in global-temperature calculations for some other reasons, rather than the lack of meteorological stations and observations. The data […]

Type n Walk

Finally! In the right direction! Someone has changed email ‘n walk to type ‘n walk, which allows you to type whilst you walk, then copy the text and then paste it into your application. Which is not quite the same as answering your SMS messages directly, but is getting there… Home (Type n Walk).

JVC XS-SR3 iPod speaker dock

It just looks amazing! JVC gets tubular with XS-SR3 iPod speaker dock — Engadget.

UK – defend your home, get put in jail

If your family is kidnapped and tied up in your own home and you manage to escape, would you beat the living shit out of the guy who did it? This guy did and he’s just been sentenced to 30 months jail time, whilst the kidnapper gets off completely free! The UK is going to […]

Why sex offender lists are a bad idea

Not only do they indicate that as a government you think the punitive system you have in place (prison) doesn’t work as a reformation aid, it also says the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Worst of all, there are allways borderline cases, such as this one, where a 17 year old got put on the […]

Lotus: Omnivore engine is 10% more efficient

This is a new two stroke engine with very low emissions. Lotus: Omnivore engine is 10% more efficient with more to come — Autoblog.

Note Taker

This app allows you to write your notes using your finger, instead of using the onscreen keyboard. Note Taker Turns Your iPhone into an Endless Notepad – Note Taking – Lifehacker.

Airbags for helicopters

NASA has dropped a small helicopter from a 240 ft high gantry, resulting in a 54mph crash at a 33 degree angle, a fairly hefty crash. Using a honeycomb structure that stays flat and tilts outwards when needed, the landing skids were bent outwards, but the crash test dummies inside did pretty good. NASA helicopter […]

Name a Star – Or a Galaxy!

So… you want to be immortal… you want a celestial body named after you. What next? Unfortunately, the one body that does officially name stars and galaxies – the IAU – won’t let you put your name on one (their regulations are here). Or on a comet or asteroid either. Fortunately there are plenty of […]

Pot makes you smart

A synthetic chemical similar to the active ingredient in marijuana makes new cells grow in rat brains. What is more, in rats this cell growth appears to be linked with reducing anxiety and depression. The results suggest that marijuana, or its derivatives, could actually be good for the brain.

Israel’s biometric database – haven’t they learned anything?

You’d have thought that Isreal of all countries would have learned of the problems involved in having too much useless information in a centralised database from the Dutch in WWII – which had ethnic information such as: “are you jewish?” in there, enabling the Germans to export the most jews per capita from the Netherlands. […]

Live Ships Map – AIS – Vessel Traffic and Positions

This map is updated frequently and shows you a live map of many many marine objects and their headings Live Ships Map – AIS – Vessel Traffic and Positions.

Woman arrested for piracy – 3 minutes of tape

After taping a birthday party, a woman managed to get 3 whole minutes of Twiligh New Moon footage on her tape, was arrested and is now facing up to 3 years of jail time! Copyright cops going nuts… Woman arrested for trying to record ‘Twilight’ on digital camera :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State.

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