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Breitling Professional line

B-2 Airwolf Raven Breitling B-1 Airwolf

Incidental Haptic Sensations Influence Social Judgments and Decisions — Ackerman et al. 328 (5986): 1712 — Science

Touch is both the first sense to develop and a critical means of information acquisition and environmental manipulation. Physical touch experiences may create an ontological scaffold for the development of intrapersonal and interpersonal conceptual and metaphorical knowledge, as well as a springboard for the application of this knowledge. In six experiments, holding heavy or light […]

Street-legal Tron Lightcycles

At $35.000,- they ain’t cheap, but you’ll look incredibly bizarre flying through downtown Tokyo at night. Probably bizarre enough to catch the attention of the Japanese! Limited Edition Street-legal Tron Lightcycles Up For Grabs – Born Rich.

ACTA consultation

The Dutch government has released the current text of ACTA and invites comments on it. | Consultatie ACTA. I’ve run through the text and this is my take: 2.3.2. Each Party shall further provide that its judicial authorities shall have the authority to order that materials and implements the predominant use of which has […]

EU may start saving search history too

The EU is going  to discuss whether or not to force ISPs to save the searches you make in online search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, whatever. Apart from the privacy implications, who is going to pay the ISPs for the massive extra storage capacity they’ll need, but more importantly: what defines a ‘search’ – […]

Privacy Change: Apple Knows Where Your Phone Is And Is Telling People – The Consumerist

Apple updated its privacy policy today with an important and dare we say creepy new paragraph about location information. If you agree to the changes which you must do in order to download anything via the iTunes store you agree to let Apple collect store and share “precise location data including the real-time geographic location […]

Iphone 4 reception issues

It turns out that the metal band around the casing of the iphone 4 is part of the antenna. If you hold it like you would hold a phone, you hamper reception. Steve Jobs doesn’t think it’s a problem though: his response? Steve Jobs on iPhone 4 “Just don t hold it that way”.

Sci-Fi Airshow

This is a huge collection of rebuilt science fiction aircraft you can look inside. Sci-Fi Airshow :: Home.

Traffic stop video on YouTube sparks debate on police use of Md. wiretap laws

The US are at it again: if you tape the police, they consider you dangerous. If the judge decides in the favour of the police, any tape you bring into court showing police malpractice will be inadmissible. These laws were made in the 1970s, before even VHS was out! Traffic stop video on YouTube sparks […]

Iphone tools for the Mac

Senuti is the tool you use to turn your mac into an iphone dock. It will play and copy music. Senuti — Recover music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your Mac. Ipoddisk turns your ipod into a disc device on which you can find your music and copy it Ipoddisk Iphone Explorer allows […]

Police going after camera wielders

Now that more and more police brutality is being exposed using camera’s, the police are now going after people who use their camera’s. What’s worse, the courts are standing behind them. They’re using the two party consent sureveillance law to cover their arses, even in locations where  there is no expectation of privacy. Are Cameras […]

Sawstop keeps your fingers whole

This is a $60,- addition you can put onto a table saw. It detects electrical conductivity and stops the saw as soon as it gets into range – from 5000 RPM to 0 in a millisecond. This means you can shove your finger into the spinning saw without it being harmed at all. Of course, […]

Turn Your Old Router into a Wi-Fi Repeater

This is a comprehensive guide to installing and setting up DD-WRT on your old wireless router. Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater.

Picrap – TV movies and shows

This site is free, you don’t need to register and streams TV and movies to all over the world… Full Length TV Episodes, Latest Movies, TV Schedule and More –

Soluto – Anti-Frustration Software

This package gets into your Windows boot and measures how long everything takes to start up, then reccomends which software to remove from the boot process, or put on a delay so that it starts up later. It gives details of the processes as well as showing you what other users with the same program […]

Solar powered light bulb

Fully charged it provides 4 hours of light. You hang it in the sun by day and use it (duh) at night. Cost? $15,- per piece and it will last between 5 – 10 years. Solar light bulb to shine on developing world | Crave – CNET.

Cost cutting on JSF dangerous for pilots

In order to reduce costs on the allready expensive F-35, they’ve decided  to remove the shutoff valves for engine coolant and hydraulic lines and five of six dry bay fire-suppression systems. This means if they get hit by 30mm incendiary AAA rounds (very common), it’ll blow up instead of venting the extra pressure in these […]

Apple – HTML5

Every new Apple mobile device and every new Mac — along with the latest version of Apple’s Safari web browser — supports web standards including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. These web standards are open, reliable, highly secure, and efficient. They allow web designers and developers to create advanced graphics, typography, animations, and transitions. Standards aren’t […]

iOS 4 Jailbroken Within a Day of First Release

Yup, that’s what the new iphone and ipad are going to be running on! Thanks for that, we get control back over the machine! iOS 4 Jailbroken Within a Day of First Release.

Powercolor hd5970 with 12 display outputs

And using Crossfire, you can make that 24. It has 4GB onboard RAM and can handle full 3D over all the slots at once – make your own cave! Powercolor hd5970 with 12 display outputs – The Inquirer.

How to sleep on a long haul flight

Very good ideas, as well as links to noise cancelling headphones, earplugs and a site that has seat maps of all airlines so you can choose the right seat during online checkin John Graham-Cumming: How to sleep on a long haul flight.

Set a Rotating Picture of the Earth as Your Ubuntu Wallpaper

You ll need to install the gnome task scheduler but all this requires is entering sudo apt-get install gnome-schedule in a Terminal window. When it s finished installing you ll be able to access the scheduler in Applications System Tools Schedule Tasks. Hit the “new” button and make the description whatever you want like “Moving […]


You run the downloaded program and it follows your mouse path around making quite impressive pictures of your mousing habits. IOGraphica — MousePath’s new home.

Consumer Commerce Barometer

Measuring the role of online in the consumer journey from research to purchase The CCB is a free online research tool providing consumer insights across 27 countries and 36 product categories. Using the tool, you can understand and interrogate how consumers across markets use the internet to buy and research different products Consumer Commerce Barometer.

UK Public spending data released

The Combined Online Information System COINS is a database of UK Government expenditure provided by government departments. The data is used to produce reports for Parliament and the public including: expenditure data in the Budget and Pre-Budget reports; Supply Estimates; Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses PESA; the monthly Public Sector Finance Releases. It is also used […]

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