Probability microcips

The electrical signals inside Lyric’s chips represent probabilities, instead of 1s and 0s. While the transistors of conventional chips are arranged into components called digital NAND gates, which can be used to implement all possible digital logic functions, those in a probability processor make building blocks known as Bayesian NAND gates. Bayesian probability is a Read more about Probability microcips[…]

Haystack: masks Iranian activist traffic as being innocuous

Haystack. The anti-censorship software is built on a sophisticated mathematical formula that conceals someone’s real online destinations inside a stream of innocuous traffic. You may be browsing an opposition Web site, but to the censors it will appear you are visiting, say, Heap tends to hide users in content that is popular in Tehran, Read more about Haystack: masks Iranian activist traffic as being innocuous[…]

Haptic feedback by electrically charging a transparent film

These “E-Sense” films developed by Senseg and Toshiba can be placed anywhere, including on a touchscreen and by charging the area the finger is on differently, you can create different sensations, such as wood, stone, unevenness, etc. This is called electrotactile feedback. Electrotactile Arrays for Texture and Pressure Feedback During Robotic Teleoperation | Hizook.

Wikileaks Afghan data visualised

The visualising data blog has a few interesting graphs of how the wikileaks data shows the war in Afghanistan is spreading and getting progressively worse. They’ve also used data analysis to show that the data isn’t faked. Visualising the wikileaks war logs using tableau public Wikileaks War Logs: A triumph in ‘data journalism’?.


PhoneAble takes your iPhone library key and applies it to any number of other iTunes installations, allowing you to manage your music on whatever computer you happen to be at. via MemeCode – PhoneAble.

Feds admit storing checkpoint body scan images

Well, there’s a surprise: airport full body scanners not only get peeked at by their collegues and turn into full colour pictures when you put a negative filter on them in photoshop, but they’ve been storing the images for ages. For the last few years, federal agencies have defended body scanning by insisting that all Read more about Feds admit storing checkpoint body scan images[…]