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Primaries For Palin – Democrats want you to vote for the weakest Republican! aims to nominate Sarah Palin as the Republican presidential candidate by encouraging Democrats and Independents to purposefully vote for her in state primaries. In head-to-head polls with President Barack Obama, Palin consistently fares worse than other possible Republican candidates because of her divisiveness. If Palin is nominated, Obama has a much better chance of […]

First Android botnet trojan found – Chickatee China!

It sends your personal information, can be commanded from remote servers and comes packaged with legal software in certain compromised Chinese Android marketplaces… The Official Lookout Blog | Security Alert: Geinimi, Sophisticated New Android Trojan Found in Wild.

ZAP Cane With Flashlight

This ZAP Stun Cane features an adjustable walking cane, an ultra-bright LED flashlight and a stun gun with an unheard of 1-million volt charge that will knock down any attacker. The cane has a weight capacity of 250 lbs and is adjustable from 32″ to 36″. They’ll think it is just a cane until it […]

Lord Blackheath has laundered GBP 1bn of IRA money and has a foundation X willing to invest GBP 5bn in the UK

For the past 20 weeks I have been engaged in a very strange dialogue with the two noble Lords, in the course of which I have been trying to bring to their attention the willing availability of a strange organisation which wishes to make a great deal of money available to assist the recovery of […]

Copyright madness – the GEMA in DE orders kindergarteners to pay up

Yup, the little kids have to fork over the money if they want to sing modern songs covered by copyright. Kindergartens ordered to pay copyright for songs | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 28.12.2010.

DIY Decrypting GSM phone calls

Using GnuRadio you record the data from the air, Airporbe parses the data, Kraken cracks the A5/1 key and Airprobe decodes voice. GSM is broken. Fortunately, UMTS isn’t. Decrypting GSM phone calls | srl.

London CCTV: Only 1% of crimes caught are serious. 96% of the camera’s are wasted money. Police don’t understand ‘hard drives’ but can handle VHS.

The number of suspects who were identified using the cameras went up from 1,970 in 2009 to 2,512 this year. The number of cameras in Britain has gone up from 21,000 in 1999 to 59,753 in 2010, The Met said among the 2,512 suspects caught this year, four were suspected murderers, 23 rapists and sex […]

Anonymous internet surfing is suspicious and should be investigated in NL

Because a wish for privacy is extremely suspicious and counter to our overlords controlling intentions. ‘Afschermen IP-adres is verdacht gedrag’ | Webwereld.

UN defends human right to WikiLeaked info

The commission on human rights gently reminds governments that in order for people to be able to be part of a democracy they have a right to know what their governments are up to and there are only very strict exceptions to this. UN defends human right to WikiLeaked info • The Register.

Facebook status updates analysed

People use status updates to share what’s on their minds, to tell others what they’re doing, and to gather feedback from friends. The different ways people use status updates form some interesting patterns. In this study, we looked at the usage of words in different “word categories” in status updates. This led us to discover […]

Why .gov should stay out of DNS – DHS ‘evidence’ for DNS takedowns is a joke

Not only was it prepared by a recent college graduate, agent Andrew Reynolds basically just listened to the MPAA – who have a vested and misinformed agenda. This takedown is a horrible joke gone wrong: no one seems to have any idea of how technology, or indeed just surfing the internet, works, but they have […] — the Evil URL Shortener

Posing as a legitimate URL shortening service, it serves users the requested pages in an iFrame, while simultaneously participating in a DDoS attack in the background. No interaction is required beyond clicking the link and staying on the page. This makes it relatively trivial to quickly mount large-scale DDoS attacks, and affords willing participants plausible […]

theory of free radical ageing debunked some more

Worms that were genetically modified by McGill University researchers not only survived exposure to a banned poison, they lived even longer than normal worms, challenging scientists’ understanding of the aging process. Dr. Siegfried Hekimi and his student Dr. Wen Yang, who are in the Montreal university’s biology department, planned to test the so-called “free radical […]

Facebook: Why our ‘next-gen’ comms ditched MySQL

About a year ago, when Facebook set out to build its email-meets-chat-meets-everything-else messaging system, the company knew its infrastructure couldn’t run the thing. “[The Facebook infrastructure] wasn’t really ready to handle a bunch of different forms of messaging and have it happen in real time,” says Joel Seligstein, a Facebook engineer who worked on the […]

American Express Identifies ‘A New Era of Pause and Purchase’ With Five Key Trends Driving Consumer Spending in 2011 and Beyond

American Express Identifies ‘A New Era of Pause and Purchase’ With Five Key Trends Driving Consumer Spending in 2011 and Beyond Report Finds Locally-Sourced Goods, Digital Shopping and “Give-a-nomics” Are Among Top Trends Re-Shaping the American Consumer More Than Half (54%) of Americans Said They Try to Support Their Local Economy Over a Third (38%) […]

Yemen Cargo Bombs Designed to Thwart DHS Detectors

So basically the huge investment into backscatter porno scanners was a huge waste of money (as we all knew). The threat was (once again) thwarted through the use of good old fashioned investigative work. Yemen Cargo Bombs Designed to Thwart DHS Detectors – Blog.

French gov censors internet without legal recourse

Section 4 of the Bill Loppsi 2, text tote on Homeland Security, was finally adopted. It will allow the government to filter the Internet using a blacklist issued by the Ministry of Interior, without the intervention of the judiciary. A measure that the government justify the need to better fight against child pornography sites and […]

The Top 50 Gawker Media Passwords

On Sunday night, hackers posted online a trove of data from Gawker Media’s servers, including the usernames, email addresses and passwords of more than one million registered users. The passwords were originally encrypted, but 188,279 of them were decoded and made public as part of the hack. Using that dataset, we found the 50 most-popular […]

Tribler – p2p searching

Tribler is a social community that facilitates filesharing through a peer-to-peer (p2p) network. A p2p network is different from a centralised service, where every user downloads his files from one central server. With p2p, the user/downloader is also an uploader to another user. This way, there is no central computer required that provides every file […]

Gov’t crackdown spurs initiatives to route around DNS

With the US Government suddenly having become a muscle-flexing player in the DNS root servers, many don’t trust DNS any more and are developing and using alternatives. This is a roundup of several possible contenders. Gov’t crackdown spurs initiatives to route around DNS | ITworld.

FlyerTalk – The world’s most popular frequent flyer community

FlyerTalk is an interactive community that provides up-to-date information on travel-related loyalty reward programs. It’s the hub that brings everyone together — from leisure travelers to mileage junkies — to converse about programs, get the latest program buzz or discuss how to maximize points or miles. You’ll even get some good general travel information! via […]

NASA ejects nanosatellite from microsatellite in space

On Dec. 6 at 1:31 a.m. EST, NASA for the first time successfully ejected a nanosatellite from a free-flying microsatellite. NanoSail-D ejected from the Fast, Affordable, Science and Technology Satellite, FASTSAT, demonstrating the capability to deploy a small cubesat payload from an autonomous microsatellite in space. via NASA ejects nanosatellite from microsatellite in space.

Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative

Plus, after the ‘sex by surprise’ (the charge isn’t for rape), she boasted about it on social media! Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative | Raw Story.

State Dept. warning prospective recruits to steer clear of Wikileaks

Because if you discuss the material on there, obviously you can’t handle sensitive information and so are not fit to work in government. Or in other words, you have too much of an independent opinion and won’t fit in with the superconformist monkeys and thus are not fit to work in the US Government. State […]

Feds routinely track financial transactions in the US, without a judge’s consent.

Federal law enforcement agencies do not limit their surveillance of US residents to phone calls, emails and geo-location information. They are also interested in calling cards, credit cards, rental cars and airline reservations, as well as retail shopping clubs. The document also reveals that DOJ’s preferred method of obtaining this information is via an administrative […]

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