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Epson ships Moverio BT-100 Android see-through glasses – SlashGear

Epson America has announced it is now shipping the world’s first Android-based see-through wearable display called the Moverio BT-100. These things look like glasses a high-tech Ray Charles might wear. The glasses use micro projection technology and a track pad that is Android-based to allow the wearer to enjoy video and other digital content on […]

FreeTrack optical head tracking software

It’s like trackir but then for free, to use with your webcam. Welcome to the FreeTrack website – FreeTrack optical head tracking software.

TOOOL Emergency Lock-Pick Card

Thanks to The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (TOOOL) and their ISO Standard Emergency Pick Card, there’s no need to worry! This handy lock-picking tool set will fit in your wallet next to your other cards and can be quickly snapped apart when a situation arises. After the tools have been removed you can put the […]

XRY Cracking Tool opens iPhone in 2 minutes, Android in more

This hacking kit plugs into your phone and opens all its’ contents up to anyone in no time. The XRY Cracking Tool Is Unimpressed with Your iPhone's Defenses.

Spam Pinterest, make $1000,- a day

Basically he has thousands of accounts which show amazon products, which link to his amazon account. People click on the links and end up buying the products! Daily Dot | A Pinterest spammer tells all.

2D Heat invisibility cloak created

Anywhere that heat control is an issue, such as microchips or spaceships, this discovery allows the heat to be diffused around an invisibility zone, which allows for much better heat management. 'Thermal cloak' designed, could solve major chip, spacecraft issues • The Register.

Barclays Bank NFC passes are readable by everyone, unencrypted

Which basically means that anyone with an NFC reader can steal someone else’s bank data and use the information to purchase at online shops that don’t ask for CVC numbers (such as Amazon). Incredible how badly secured this is. Miljoenen NFC-bankpassen lekken data | Webwereld.

Association Between More Frequent Chocolate Consumption and Lower Body Mass Index

Eating chocolate often makes you thin! Arch Intern Med — Association Between More Frequent Chocolate Consumption and Lower Body Mass Index, March 26, 2012, Golomb et al. 172 6: 519.

Private Piracy Fighters Use Floating Armories

Because of all the problems associated with carrying firearms or other weaponry into ports, private security firms convert barges into floating armories in international waters where no one will bother them. APNewsBreak: Piracy Fighters Use Floating Armories : NPR.

Feds to Keep Info on Americans With No Terror Ties

Because there is nothing wrong with data mining innocent civilians is there? What do you mean, surveillance society? Feds to Keep Info on Americans With No Terror Ties |

Runaway stars and planets zoom at a fraction of light speed

Some go up to 30 million miles an hour! Runaway planets zoom at a fraction of light speed.

Scientists Have Worked Out How to Stop You Going Bald

tissue in bald areas has three times the concentration of a fatty compound called Prostaglandin—PGD2 to its buddies. The research is published in Science Transnational Medicine. Fortunately, there are already 10 drugs available that can block the receptor that allows PGD2 to work—which means it shouldn’t be too long before a baldness treatment, in the […]

Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords

In the US of course. And of course, if you say “no” you don’t get a job. As an alternative they want you to friend a HR worker. Aside from a bizarre wish to pry their noses into people’s private lives, the US government should put a stop to this. Job seekers getting asked for […]

Einstein Archives Online

All of Einstein’s notes and papers scanned and collected in one place for your perusal. Einstein Archives Online.

Seagate Reaches 1 Terabit Per Square Inch Milestone In Hard Drive Storage – 60TB drives!

CUPERTINO, Calif. – March 19, 2012 – Seagate (NASDAQ:STX) has become the first hard drive maker to achieve the milestone storage density of 1 terabit (1 trillion bits) per square inch, producing a demonstration of the technology that promises to double the storage capacity of today’s hard drives upon its introduction later this decade and […]

Three steps to properly protect your personal data

Basically it comes down to implementing full disk encryption, creating an encrypted volume inside this with an easy password and a hidden encrypted volume with a hard password which people won’t bother to find. Then installing a tracker to find your laptop back if it gets stolen. Three steps to properly protect your personal data […]

The numbers behind the Copyright Math

An interesting analysis and list of sources of how the music industry inflates their damages claims beyond wild belief. TED Blog | The numbers behind the Copyright Math.

Caddytrek | The first automated golf caddy

The innovative CaddyTrek automated golf caddy from FTR Systems is here! Using a pocket-sized sensor, the CaddyTrek will follow in your footsteps and avoid obstacles with ease. The Caddytrek is compact and lightweight, so it’s a breeze to unfold and refold it with only one person. Caddytrek | The first automated golf caddy, Caddytrek will […]

Tek Robotic Mobilization Device – wheelchair v2.0

This thing replaces the wheelchair entirely. It’s Turkish engineering and costs $15,000. It allows wheelchair users a whole new amount of freedom. What is Tek RMD from Tek RMC on Vimeo. Tek RMD – Robotic Mobilization Device |.

Hardware hacker rigs up VR for Skyrim

Hardware hacker rigs up VR for Skyrim • reghardware.

Wing Commander Saga – 22 may 2012

Wow! A fan built huge version of Wing Commander is coming out very very soon. Looks awesome, it’s built on the Freespace 2 engine, so it should run on almost all computers. This will be a time sink! Gnome's Lair: Wing Commander Saga – Preview & Interview.

International Cryptography Freedom

Since 2000 the US has cracked down hard on cryptography information sharing and it’s hard to find any information on it since around 2001. There are still a few good sources around. International Cryptography Freedom. Cryptography links outside of North America strong crypto links Treachery Unlimited Shmoo Speak Freely encrypted VOIP utopia hacktic […]

Gopher servers

Gopher was the betamax of the vhs www. It was used by the military and universities and there are still a few gopher servers out there. gopher:// gopher:// gopher://

How to get anything past the full body perv scanners

$1B of TSA Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog — How Anyone Can Get Anything Past The Scanners « TSA Out of Our Pants!.

Display Changer

Display Changer changes the display resolution, runs a program, then restores the original settings. It can also change the resolution permanently and rearrange the monitors in a multiple-monitor setup. This is useful for games and home theater computers. I originally wrote this application for my children because they had programs that required 640×480 with 256 […]

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