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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

This remake of a fantastic game is FINALLY coming out! Carrier Command: Gaea Mission | Official Website.

Planetary Annihilation RTS is Actually Getting Made

This game looks like it should be the future of RTS. AND it will run on Linux! Kickstarter project page That Insane, World-Spanning RTS is Actually Getting Made. Yes..

Gravitational waves spotted from white-dwarf pair

Two dwarf stars – oribiting each other every 13 minutes – have been observed to slightly change the size of their orbits as well as the time it takes to complete them. The effect occurs when expected to happen as they hit the waves. BBC News – Gravitational waves spotted from white-dwarf pair.

Harvard creates cyborg flesh

They have managed to grow rat and human cells over a scaffolding of nanowires and transistors wrapped in collagen. So far they use the wiring to monitor data, such as the contractions of the cells, but it’s imaginable that they will use it to send impulses to the cells too. Harvard creates cyborg flesh that’s […]

Space elevator ideas rising again

There are a few new space elevator ideas coming along, one is a kickstarter project, another from Tokyo. They want to build one on the moon too! Space elevator ideas rising again – Cosmic Log.

Tata Motors car that runs on compressed air

It has 175 litres of compressed air that is recharged by plugging in the car and letting an electric motor suck up the air around it. They want to price it at $10,000. Look out, Prius drivers! This Tiny Pod Car Runs On Air | GizmoCrazed.

Mapping the Origins and Expansion of the Indo-European Language Family

It looks like English and German made it to Europe starting in Anatolya, Turkey. Using a method used to track the spread of virusses strong evidence was found that the spread of language and genetic markers matched the spread from Turkey. Mapping the Origins and Expansion of the Indo-European Language Family.

DIY Solar Panel Backpack

A guide to set up solar panels on your backpack and use a USB hub to charge your gadgets I am » Solar Panel Backpack.

Servers Ultimate – turn your Android into a server

This free app turns your Android device into one of 10 different kinds of servers: DLNA, DNS, DDNS, Email, FTP, Proxy, SMS, Time, Web and/or WebDAV server! Run your own free DLNA, DNS, Dynamic DNS, Email, FTP(S), Proxy, SMS Gateway, Time, HTTP(S) and/or (secure) WebDAV server It can even run different services concurrently. Servers Ultimate […]

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard for PC

This $300,- bit of kit has a touchscreen, adjustable pads, removable bits, is easy to program for macros and is made from metal. i via Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard for PC.

20+ Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

From resume / cv visualisation tools to social media usage , charts, graphs, interactive, etc. this is a good list. 20+ Tools to Create Your Own Infographics.

Killer cats are killing

“In Athens-Clarke County, we found that about 30 per cent of the sampled cats were successful in capturing and killing prey, and that those cats averaged about one kill for every 17 hours outdoors or 2.1 kills per week. “It was also surprising to learn that cats only brought 23 per cent of their kills […]

Starship Corporation

This game will allow you to design, build and test starships either for contracts or for yourself. He’s a small indy publisher who’s come quite a way, but it looks fantastic and needs just a little more… donate! Starship Corporation.

Nixeus Vue 27″ : A $430 WQHD 2560×1440 S-IPS LED Monitor

Which is ridiculously cheap. There is a link to an even cheaper WQHD monitor in the page too. AnandTech – Nixeus Vue 27" : A $430 WQHD 2560×1440 S-IPS LED Monitor.

The Biggest New Spying Program You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The National Counterterrorism Center is now allowed to buy and keep large databases of information on their own nationals, even though they are not suspected of anything. Not only that, but they can share their information with anyone they want. To top it off, they have no practical form of oversight at all. The Biggest […]

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