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The Laffer Curve in Action: Two-thirds of millionaires left Britain to avoid 50p tax rate – Telegraph

Two-thirds of millionaires left Britain to avoid 50p tax rate – Telegraph. This has cost the UK GBP7 billion. They have repealed the laws, but the millionaires are not coming back much.

Dutch gov’t: suspects must decrypt computers

It will be a crime not to. Dutch gov't: suspects must decrypt computers.

How far can simulations go versus live flying?

This article has links to how the US uses simulators and what their capabilities are. They talk about training for UAV’s, the network centric way in which they’re trying to link up simulators globally, how they’re used to train for large force employments, using them to practice 4 ship formations and of course, the limitations […]

A-RAM, advanced memory storage

Spanish scientists design a revolutionary data storage device.

Piracy and Movie Revenues: Box office sales went down after they closed MegaUpload

Exogenous variation comes from the unexpected shutdown of the popular file hosting platform on January 19, 2012. The estimation strategy is based on a quasi difference-in-differences approach. We compare box office revenues before and after the shutdown to a matched control group of movies unaffected by the shutdown. We find that the shutdown had […]

Megaupload framed by FBI claims Kim Dotcom

Evidence has emerged showing the Department of Homeland Security served a search warrant on Mr Dotcom’s file-sharing company Megaupload in 2010 which he claims forced it to preserve pirated movies found in an unrelated piracy investigation. The 39 files were identified during an investigation into the NinjaVideo website, which had used Megaupload’s cloud storage to […]

China Lands First Jet on Its Aircraft Carrier

And all the experts were saying it would be years before they could do anything with it when it was delivered to the Navy on September 25th. It looks like the Chinese are serious about putting it in operation as soon as they possibly can. China Lands First Jet on Its Aircraft Carrier |

self-filling water bottle

Deckard Sorenson has found a way to coat a surface with hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings, and then uses a fan to pass air over the surface. The water condenses on the surface and, eventually, Sorenson has created a self-filling water bottle. Scientist takes inspiration from natural world to create self-filling water bottle | PRI.ORG.

NASA space Internet using the Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) protocol

One of the problems DTN fixes is queueing transmissions, as transmitting to mars at the speed of light incurs an 8 second delay. NASA fires-up experimental space Internet for robot control.

Razer mice need the internet to work?!

A customer trying to set up his Razer Naga 2012 mouse couldn’t because he had to register with Razer before he could change the settings. The Razer servers were down because of hurricane Sandy. Why on earth would he need to connect to Razer at all to set up his mouse?! “Why the hell does […]

US lets Apple patent a rounded rectangle

Incredibly the US has managed to let Apple patent this shape. The prior art is allready there for tablets, but couldn’t someone have just shown the patent examiners a table top? Apple is granted a patent on the rectangle. No, really • The Register.

An insight into CIA burglary

The CIA is not in the habit of discussing its clandestine operations, but the agency’s purpose is clear enough. As then-chief James Woolsey said in a 1994 speech to former intelligence operatives: “What we really exist for is stealing secrets.” Indeed, the agency declined to comment for this article, but over the course of more […]

A good explanation of homomorphic encryption

Homomorphic encryption is where one party (Alice) encrypts data and passes it to another (Bob) with an encrypted key. This means that Bob can’t read the data, but can perform computations on it, and pass the encrypted results (which Bob can’t read) to Alice, so that she can decrypt it with her key. This is […]

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