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Lenovo considers re-using their best design

Redesigning a laptop with the black rubberised outside, using the old style, non-chicklet keyboard, with red dot and forward and back buttons next to the arrow keys – all the best they got rid of after the 520, but then thin and powerful! Hope they also consider a serial port on it, as well as […]

US personel files and intelligence agents copied – multiple disclosures, could be 18million records out

And let the shouting begin about who’s fault it was. ‘Most devastating cyber attack in US history’ Source: As the US realises it’s been PWNED, when will OPM heads roll? • The Register “Incidentally, the stolen OPM database was reportedly being offered on Hell, an onion site hosting a e-crim forum. According to Brian Krebs. […]

Fake Mobile Phone Towers Operating In The UK

Sky News has found evidence that rogue mobile phone towers, which can listen in on people’s calls without their knowledge, are being operated in the UK.IMSI catchers, also known as Stingrays, mimic mobile phone masts and trick phones into logging on.The controversial surveillance technology is used by police agencies worldwide to target the communications of […]

US Gov wants your 0-day exploits first and free using Wassenaar Arrangement

BSecurity researchers have voiced their concerns in the two weeks since the proposed rules were made public that the U.S. rules definition of intrusion software is too broad, and legitimate vulnerability research and proof-of-concept development will come under regulation. – See more at: Source: Wassenaar, Bug Bounties and Vulnerability Rewards Programs | Threatpost | […]

Lighteater goes through BIOS owns your PC

Because people don’t every patch their BIOSes, it is extremely likely that the vast majority of systems in the wild are vulnerable to at least one known exploit. We made public the details of the new SMM “Incursion” vulnerabilities (CERT VU# 631788, reported Oct 29th), that can be found automatically from SMM dumps. We showed […]

CloneApp – backs up windows program settings so you can copy them to a fresh install.

A fresh re-install always makes Windows much faster but that means you lose all your program settings. When you’re switching to a new PC CloneApp will Clone your App Content (Configuration files and folders from Windows directories, Registry entries, Pictures, Documents etc.) to Another Workspace to simplify the re-install process or only for Backup purposes. […]

Be paranoid: 10 terrifying extreme hacks

These extreme hacks rise above the unending morass of everyday, humdrum hacks because of what they target or because they employ previously unknown, unused, or advanced methods. They push the limit of what we security pros previously thought possible, opening our eyes to new threats and systemic vulnerabilities, all while earning the begrudging respect of […]

Scientists Just Invented the Neural Lace

A group of chemists and engineers who work with nanotechnology published a paper this month in Nature Nanotechnology about an ultra-fine mesh that can merge into the brain to create what appears to be a seamless interface between machine and biological circuitry. Called “mesh electronics,” the device is so thin and supple that it can […]

South Korean 3d printer prints thinner than red blood cell

a team of researchers at UNIST has announced that they have developed a high-resolution 3D printing technology that is capable of printing electronic circuits on plastic, metallic or magnetic nanoparticles that are curved and much flexible. According to the team, led by Prof. Jang-Ung Park (School of Materials Science and Engineering), they have succeeded in […]

Do Googles’ Neural Networks “Dream”?

Well it kind of looks that way – when you train their network to recognise stuff it can add items to pictures. Source: Research Blog: Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks

Malloy Hoverbike

Better than a flying car! The Hoverbike is the result of years worth of R&D. We combined the simplicity of a motorbike and the freedom of a helicopter to create the world’s first flying motorcycle.When compared with a helicopter, the Hoverbike is cheaper, more rugged and easier to use – and represents a whole new […]

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