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The Richard Prince – Suicide Girls Circus

Mooney aka Suicide Girl has her picturers reused by Prince. Prince’s images, which consist of screen shots of other people’s Instagram photos enlarged to 4×5 foot inkjet prints with a single banal comment by Prince, have reportedly sold for $90,000.In response Mooney produced her own prints, identical in every way to Prince’s except for an […]

Apple patents Samsungs Edge screen

Once Apple saw it they went for the patent and yesterday got it. Prior art? Never heard of it. Well done Apple for copying someone else – yet again. And well done the patent system for giving up patents to people who have not rights to them. Yet again. Apple patenteert Samsungs Edge-scherm – Webwereld.

What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2015?

Current US law extends copyright for 70 years after the date of the author’s death, and corporate “works-for-hire” are copyrighted for 95 years after publication. But prior to the 1976 Copyright Act (which became effective in 1978), the maximum copyright term was 56 years—an initial term of 28 years, renewable for another 28 years. Under […]

Monkey selfie at heart of copyright controversy

A photographer who set up a load of cameras in the wild can’t get pictures of a monkey removed from Wikipedia, as the monkey pressed the shutter. Wikipedia argues that this means that nobody owns the copyright. I wonder what the BBC series Earth has to say about this? Wikipedia refuses to delete photo as […]

Twitch TV shows why copyright is ridiculous as it shuts down music in videos

Twitch TV – a gaming TV channel with billions of watchers – will attempt to detect music playing in the background. If a 10 second spell seems to be copyrighted, they will remove the sound for half an hour. I suppose the rationale is that the music companies and the RIAA think this is a […]

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