Cirrus ‘The-Jet’ mockup tours the world, teasing rich flyers with personal jet model

Got an extra million dollars hanging around? Put down a $100K deposit on the upcoming Cirrus “The-Jet,” a tiny single-engine aircraft that doesn’t exist yet. Full-sized models are now touring the world, and when it does fly, the personal jet will go 345 mph, up to 25,000 feet, and have a range of 1000 miles.

Like all Cirrus airplanes, The-Jet will have a parachute in its nose, giving you extra assurance that you won’t be included in the ranks of “doctor-killer” aircraft casualties. Cirrus has reportedly leased a hangar in Minnesota to begin building the 7-seat (if three passengers are babies) jets, and plans to manufacture the small planes out of lightweight carbon fiber.

Like most schemes to sell non-existent products by collecting deposit money based on buzz alone, Cirrus is secretive about the jet. But industry wags think it might be ready for FAA certification by sometime next year, with a possible 2011 delivery date.

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