Love at first bite

This couple has an interesting way of expressing their commitment to each other.

Don’t read on a full stomach.

Brazilian Star Wars

Now everyone will die the primitive way!

Somebody get me a copy of this..

Amazing suicide bunnies

Not really a lot I can say about this. Some of them are pretty subtle or inventive.
Bunny Suicides

Urban photography

Fascinating images detailing aspects of the human condition. B&W. Give this a whirl.

Urban Photos

MMPORG statistics

This page is quite interesting – how more and more people are pulling away from reality to immerse themselves in virtual lives. Lots of statistics and pretty graphs.

New form of cyberpunk offshoot – InfernoKrusher!

Thus, (excerpts from) Notes Toward an Infernokrusher Manifesto:

Explosion is the new transgression. Demolition is the new deconstruction.
[—Benjamin Rosenbaum]

More than the death of the Reader, Infernokrusher prizes the sudden, violent dismemberment of the Reader

Infernokrusher fiction explodes stagnant genre conventions, e.g., that it’s not okay to have all your characters run over by a monster truck in what would seem to be the middle of the story

While other attitudes to art yearn to communicate truths, to move people, to challenge, or to entertain, infernokrusher art wants to blow stuff up


El reg has a good article on birdflu. Why haven’t my local media outlets reported on events such as [Feb 2005] report of probable person to person transmission of bird flu in Vietnam? I find that to be a little more interesting that, say, the latest creepy news from the Michael Jackson Trial.

P2P transmission of new strains of flu = really, really bad in case you haven’t being paying attention (which, let’s face it, is probably the case..)

Quantum Cryptography Final Key Transmission

NEC Corporation, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, POWEREDCOM, Inc., and Japan Science and Technology Agency have jointly succeeded in realizing fortnight-long, continuous quantum cryptography final-key (note 1) generation at an average rate of 13 kbps over a 16-km-long commercial optical network.


Superior Pictures

Really big message board with pictures..

.. of women, duh ..

.. yes they’re usually fairly attractive ..

.. no it’s probably not safe for work ..


POV Comp

Some incredible images made by the Point Of View raytracer

Fantasy Living

How sad to say goodbye to that world of wonder magic and colour which exists in our everyday lives, if only you look at it!

The everyday things you see and take for granted are miracles of some force we don’t really know of – Darwin, God, they are all only partial explanations for the magic of a daisy, a grain of sand or the ocean thudding onto the beach. These small things are the creatures of a world that not many see, when they pave the world with concrete and bricks.

The wonder and delight of a child looking at an entirely new world are treasures that life gives us, but why let it stop from childhood? Every day is filled with entirely new occurences, experiences, faces, all to be enjoyed, lived and felt. All part of a fairytale reality if you let yourself be inhabited by it.

Don’t brick up your heart, the princess is real, fairies exist and the story is true.

non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

Viagra and Cialis might make you blind.

Viagra makes you blind

This must be some karmic catch-up on the universe’s side after failing to deliver on the exact same thing with onanism. In other news – medication can have unexpected side-effects.


The same scream has been used in countless Hollywood movies over and over again for the past 50 years..

The Wilhelm Scream

Commoditization of OSS

Ian Murdock (of Debian fame) has written an excellent article on the Commoditization of Open Source Software.

Japanese still fighting WWII

Japanese War Holdouts

And they keep on finding them..

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Built on linux 2.6, X11 and GTK+. Sweet.
With Bluetooth, 802.11b/g and USB.

WiFi routing on the go

How to make the stompbox – it uses GSM boxen to stay connected, is powered by your car battery and plugs in to google maps etc… nice!

Fake your fingerprints

Easy to do and takes, what, 5 hours on a free sunday afternoon?

Read and retransmit proximity cards

DIY way to go do it

Leadership Decision Making

This document on decision making is generating a lot of buzz. Give it read.

80s Radio Mixes

This guy has taped some old school stuff from radio shows in the 80s and put it all up online for your audial pleasure – breakdance, rap, etc, it’s all there.

IRobot Scooba!

That Roomba thing is so… last year! Coming up: not only does it hoover for you, it now cleans for you too! Thank you IRobot, I’m waiting before I buy – I NEEEEEEEED this!

Webcam thought mice

Cybernet has released what looks like a free competitor (Navigaze) to Naturalpoint’s trackIR device. This uses a webcam to monitor you, instead of a silly silver dot on your forehead with an IR device that doesn’t like it when you smoke.

Fingerprint door handle

Yup, secure your room and enter it by using your fingerprint. Make sure finger doesn’t get cut off though.

Nostalgia galore

In the Summer of 2001, Jason Scott, a computer historian (and proprietor of the history site) wondered if anyone had made a film about these BBSes. They hadn’t, so he decided he would.

Four years, thousands of miles of travelling, and over 200 interviews later, “BBS: The Documentary”, a mini-series of 8 episodes about the history of the BBS, is now available. Spanning 3 DVDs and totalling five and a half hours, this documentary is actually eight documentaries about different aspects of this important story in the annals of computer history.

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