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Portable skin cancer treatment

Scottish scientists have developed a sticker / plaster which activates the anti-skin cancer cream using light allowing patients to have the treatment on the go instead of having to lie motionless for hours under cumbersome hospital equipment. Initial studies are very promising.

Vista woes

Vista is upsetting everyone, with rumours that you can’t turn off the starting sound or have access to the kernel etc. but now it’s getting quite serious. First, Patchguard has been compormised by Authentium prompting a backlash from Redmond stating that companies have no business even trying to compromise the kernel protection because it makes Read more about Vista woes[…]

Morphing clothing

Hussein Chalayan launched something quite spectacular at the Paris Fashion week – morphing clothing. It moves as you walk around, revealing or concealing, changing it’s shape. Really cool stuff. If you watch the video, this type of clothing is modelledat just over halfway through.