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Mouseless OS operation

We can’t all have a fingerworks keyboard as they are out of production, but we can install software that uses the keypad to mouse around quickly and effectively. This link has two programmes that allow this for windows, plus a whole load of different links to shortcuts etc.

Sitting towards a better back

Sitting at 90o is bad for you, 135o is much better as it places the stresses all along your spinal chord, this study conducted with positional MRIs has found. What they haven’t found is the best position though, as they only tried 3 positions out.

Experimental Flash Sites

These sites have news, information and techniques for doing weird stuff in Flash. Some very cool stuff in there.

Bubbles around your hull save 20% fuel

The Tokyo National Maritime Research Institute’s Advanced Maritime Transport Technology Department has thought up a system that allows ships hulls to be surrounded by a blanket of bubbles, which keeps away the water from the hull, reducing friction and drag and accounting for the efficiency increase of moving through water. In 2003 > 90% of […]

Undelete Plus

Undelete Plus is a freeware proggie that undeletes from NTFS/NTFS5,FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 volumes. Can be very useful indeed!

Pre murder suspects

A group of psychologists have created a list of the 100 most dangerous murderers in London – before they’ve committed the murders. This minority report type study is being hailed as being ‘obscene’, even though apparently spying on your citizens day and night isn’t. There are plans to arrest the would be murderers allthoug no […]

Military Combat Pilots – the movie

This video is a collection of loads of small military pilot movies and pasted into a half hour movie with a sound track. Nicely edited, very well done that bloke.

Zamzar File Conversion

This site takes a file up to 100MB and spits it out in any one of quite a number of formats. The privacy statement claims they delete the files but keep the emailadress because they mail you the converted file back instead of offering to download it. They also keep your IP address for logging […]

Smog eating coating

Apparently materials containing titanium dioxide break down smog. Structures and roads have been coated with this stuff, which has lead to a reduction up to 60% (depending on light and temperature) of smog in that area. The material itself stays clean as well, reducing cleanup costs. There have been no long term studies, and considering […]

Tomb Raiding

Tomb Raiders exist and treasure hunters are still being prosecuted for beating archaeologists to the find. Why? Because buried treasure is a non-renewable resource which tells us about our history, especially when the finds are taken in context, and thus a crime to humanity. In Italy a huge trial was held over 10 years, where […]

From the I want files

These umbrellas are awesome – they have lights on them!

Auschweiss, bitte? Nein!

Nope, papers aren’t good enough – UK police have a device to fingerprint you on the streets. Of course, it’s not compulsory to allow yourself to be fingerprinted… yet. Of course, if you show suspicious behaviour (such as not allowing yourself to be fingerprinted voluntarily?), then the police can force you.

Create you own USB joystick

The MJoy controller can be used to create your own programmable joystick, or convert your current analogue joystick to a digital, more accurate one.

MS goes SCO

All your base are belong to us! Screams Ballmer at the Linux crowd whilst frothing at the mouth – or did no-one tell him that SCO tried this around a year ago?

Bubble Screen

Using air bubbles to create pixels.

Dutch Elections

Well, lets face it – our choices all suck. There are several websites in the Netherlands that allow you to match your choices with a political party, of which none of the matches are larger than 50% and the questions are framed in such a way that you end up answering in a manner diametrically […]

MySQL Community Resources

Planet MySQL is a blog centred on MySQL. Loads of refresher stuff and new stuff comes out on this. MySQL Forge is the site for MySQL addin projects and snippets – if you want to add to MySQL or if you want to see what’s being added to MySQL this is the place to be. […]

Chinese Aircraft Carrier

Odd this! It’s a chinese replica of a US aircraft carrier at around 7/8ths scale and is used as a “Military Education Center” at the “Orient Green Boat After-School Camp for Youngsters.” Near Shanghai it’s worth visiting with a $6,- surcharge…


Google Video has a very cool 12 minute promotional video of the Su-35 with computer graphics in it and everything!

Prosthetic feet

fake legs and feet are now incredibly advanced – so much so, that for GBP 60,000 you can get one which is microprocessor controlled and will allow amputee soldiers back into combat.

Superlions in unique habitat

An interesting story of how lions and buffalo got stuck together on an island, making the lions change their hunting tactics and due to the richness of their only food source, grow to huge proportions. A strange mini-ecology.

Increase the range of your wireless keyboard

By using a wireless 802 antenna from an old piece of kit stuck into the keyboard you can increase the range by about 400%

Phantom Limb Pain cured

Just the optical illusion of moving a phantom limb in VR cures amputees of Phantom Limb Pain (PLP), researchers have discovered. It doesn’t even have to be a particularly realistic illusion either, as the graphics on the page show.

Grow your brain back

Researchers have found a way to spur the growth of stem cells in adult brains. Great news for sufferers of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and MS. Can we use it to increase our brain capacity even if we’re not ill?!

Debian Security Tools

Debian comes installed standard without much in the way of active security (such as a firewall, a file state checker, disk encryption, etc) but has got the packages to implement an actively secure environment. Given a little work you can securify Debian with existing packages quite nicely. This article has a nice list of the […]

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