Mouseless OS operation

We can’t all have a fingerworks keyboard as they are out of production, but we can install software that uses the keypad to mouse around quickly and effectively. This link has two programmes that allow this for windows, plus a whole load of different links to shortcuts etc.

Experimental Flash Sites

These sites have news, information and techniques for doing weird stuff in Flash. Some very cool stuff in there. Best Photo Editing Software for Mac/PC: 15+ Photo Editors

Bubbles around your hull save 20% fuel

The Tokyo National Maritime Research Institute’s Advanced Maritime Transport Technology Department has thought up a system that allows ships hulls to be surrounded by a blanket of bubbles, which keeps away the water from the hull, reducing friction and drag and accounting for the efficiency increase of moving through water. In 2003 > 90% of Read more about Bubbles around your hull save 20% fuel[…]

Tomb Raiding

Tomb Raiders exist and treasure hunters are still being prosecuted for beating archaeologists to the find. Why? Because buried treasure is a non-renewable resource which tells us about our history, especially when the finds are taken in context, and thus a crime to humanity. In Italy a huge trial was held over 10 years, where Read more about Tomb Raiding[…]

Auschweiss, bitte? Nein!

Nope, papers aren’t good enough – UK police have a device to fingerprint you on the streets. Of course, it’s not compulsory to allow yourself to be fingerprinted… yet. Of course, if you show suspicious behaviour (such as not allowing yourself to be fingerprinted voluntarily?), then the police can force you.

Chinese Aircraft Carrier

Odd this! It’s a chinese replica of a US aircraft carrier at around 7/8ths scale and is used as a “Military Education Center” at the “Orient Green Boat After-School Camp for Youngsters.” Near Shanghai it’s worth visiting with a $6,- surcharge…