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Skype trojan

Pretty soon there will be released into the wild a Skype trojan that, once installed, logs calls as mp3’s and mails the conversations to a remote server. Megapanzer » Blog Archive » Interview on about the Skype trojan and trojans in general (english)..

How to choose a den

Choosting a dentist is more difficult than you think – there is a huge list of things that indicate whether or not he’ll be any good and is up to snuff. Secrets your dentist doesn’t want you to know — DailyFinance

Pot May Protect Brain From Booze

Marijuana smokers who binge drink seem to have less brain damage than binge drinkers who don’t smoke the grass. Pot May Protect Brain From Booze – Health News Story – KTVU San Francisco.

Iphone screen protectors

The really good thing about these screen protectors is that they come in two versions: one which disallows people to see what you’re doing on your iphone from the sides and one which turns the face of your iphone into a mirror finish. – Magic Screen iPhone 3G/3GS Screen Protector – Factory Unlocked iPhone […]

Steam Car Breaks World Speed Record at 140mph

That’s 225 kph – and a ridiculous speed for something that’s basically an uprated tea kettle on wheels! Steam Car Breaks World Speed Record at 140mph – World’s Fastest Kettle – Gizmodo.

Mininova Ordered to Remove All ‘Infringing’ Torrents

Dutch courts have smacked Mininova in the face and told them to clean up their site as there is illegal software on it. For the nazi’s of Brein it’s quite a victory. Will Google be next? It also publishes links to illegal material and profits from it… Mininova Ordered to Remove All ‘Infringing’ Torrents | […]

UPC bottlenecks your downloads

Between 12:00 and 24:00 customers of UPC internet will only be able to download at 1/3rd of the possible speed as UPC will be QOSsing them. UPC voert toch afknijpbeleid in | Webwereld.

Apple makes big fight with everyone!

Hot on the now allready very old news about the Apple vs Microsoft TV ads (where Apple has just released it’s answer to Laptop Hunters) and the Apple vs Palm Pre Itunes Sync and the Apple vs Palm “let’s make an illegal agreement not to poach each others’ employees any more” comes the latest installment: […]

Hack Your Wii for Homebrew without Twilight Princess

Hack Your Wii for Homebrew without Twilight Princess – Wii – Lifehacker.

Finally UK CCTV figures

It turns out that CCTV cameras all over the place don’t really help much at all: for every 1000 camera’s, one crime is solved. That’s a very very expensive way to go about invading people’s privacy. Instead of getting rid of the camera’s, the Metropolitan police is saying they need to figure out how to […]

Ice Tube VFD Clock kit

This clock is an open source project: make it yourself from free downloadable plans, or buy a kit from them and then assemble Ice Tube VFD Clock kit – Glowy retro tube clock.


Stellarium is a hugely featured program to look at the night sky with. It’s written for Mac, Windows and Linux. Stellarium.


This program allows you to change the order of your icons on the computer instead of by dragging them laboriously across the screen. Only for jailbroken ipods and only for Mac 🙁 Movement – Organise your iPhone apps with ease! – iPod touch Fans.

Concert Hands

The way this system works, is wrist straps on a rail guide your hands to the right place and then zap the finger with electricity to indicate that you should press it. You load up the software with midi files and it’ll make you play it. I guess the idea is that if you build […]

iPhone 3GS Jailbreak, ECID Grabber & iBEC and iBSS Grabber

In order to futureproof your iPhone upgrade, you need to get and save your ECID, iBEC and IBSS. In order to do this you need the following program: difrnt » Blog Archive » ECID Grabber & iBEC and iBSS Grabber. You can then follow these instructions from step 6 on – the grabber will do […]

Nykov Charge Base Ic

This Wii charger uses magnetism to stick the controllers to the base and then induction to charge the controllers through the jacket Nyko – Products – Charge Base Ic.

The iPhone sonic ruler

OK so maybe it’s not quite as accurate as a proper sonic ruler, but being able to use sonar on your iphone is a pretty neat trick! Found Footage: The iPhone sonic ruler.

US 24th Air Force stood up

This is the cyber air force, responsible for defensive as well as offensive use of cyberspace – ie. hacking, sniffing and cracking other nation’s networks, as well as defending US networking. US military cyber force activated • The Register.

Clark Little Photography

Clark Little makes some awesome pictures of waves crarshing on the beach

Denim Gadget Case

Well, this ipod case is the best looking one I’ve seen – and it’s really easy to make! This site gives the instructions. Denim Gadget Case.


This is the most awesome collection of paedophile, racist, anti-semitic, mysogenistic jokes ever. Basically, if you’re PC, don’t go. It’s fucking funny though. Sick Joke Wiki – Sickipedia.

2 Ways To Fabricate DNA Evidence

It turns out that you can easily pland DNA at a crime scene – any biology undergraduate could do this: it’s easier than planting a fingerprint. One method requires you to have a sample of the actual DNA, the other requires you have access to the DNA information in a police database. Centralised DNA databases […]

IBM scientists build computer chips from DNA

So, together with the nano lasers, we now have two new technologies for future growth in computer chip capacity. IBM’s technology makes strands of  DNA self-assemble into shapes such as triangles or squares on top of silicon. This assembly acts as scaffolding for semi conducting nanotubes which become a nano circuit board. IBM scientists build […]

44 nm Nanolaser

This is very very tiny – it’s by far the smallest information carrying line we can create now. Computer chipmakers are running into walls trying to cram more information lines (wires) into a chip, but they can’t make them small enough to fit. This could change all that, if they can build lenses with switching […]

New battery could change world, one house at a time

The battery breakthrough comes from a Salt Lake company called Ceramatec, the R&D arm of CoorsTek, a world leader in advanced materials and electrochemical devices. It promises to reduce dependence on the dinosaur by hooking up with the latest generation of personalized power plants that draw from the sun. … Inside Ceramatec’s wonder battery is […]

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