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Erik Johansson photography

Ripping music from Spotify

Of course it wouldn’t take long before a program was developed to rip music from spotify. Easy instructions in the link. Ripping music from Spotify using Spotify Ripper |

Organic food ‘no healthier’

Turns out if you spend much much more money on organic food for health benefits, you can save yourself the cash. Organic food ‘no healthier’ blow | News.

‘Take Back the Beep’ Campaign

David Pogue is waging war on those carriers that make you listen to a stupid canned message from them after you listen to a personal voicemail message. Those 15 seconds of canned bullshit are there to make you rack up mobile expenses. One way to avoid them is to press: *-1-# in a row This […]

Dutch courts go nuts again

The Pirate Bay has been told to block access to Dutch users in some magical fashion during a court session in which the subpoena’s were delivered via Twitter and Facebook and the defendants were not able to come to the courtroom to defend themselves. They sent a written response, but this was ignored due to […]

iPhone virus: Patch!

Who said Apples don’t get virusses? In a one character SMS message, an attacker can take over your phone entirely: turn on or off the camera, send the contacts list, dial out, etc etc etc. Oddly enough the first people to patch it are the people Apple is intent on stopping from working on software […]

Mp3Extractor: the show cutter

Mp3Extractor is a tool for copying several portions from an MP3 audio file into new (numbered and tagged) MP3 files easily. Mp3Extractor: the show cutter.

Windows 7 activation already cracked

That was quick. Damn quick. Windows 7 activation already cracked with Lenovo’s OEM license key.

How to Buy a Mattress

How to Buy a Mattress: Advice from a Mattress Salesman – Saving Money – Lifehacker. More advice from

1m virtual PCs on one server

MegaTux, the Dell Thunderbird with 4480 Intel processors will run 1 million copies of bots in a limited area botnet over Wine in order to create simulations of differnet botnets on a massive scale. Researchers can then stop the simulation at any point and have a look at the state of the different virtual PCs. […]

Google Voice Mobile Now on Cydia

Hours after Apple rejected GV on the appstore, you can now get it for free via Cydia. Fuck you, Apple! GV Mobile Now on Cydia [ ModMyi Repo ].

A Cure for Traffic Jams

It turns out that those people who jump jams at the turn offs, change lane or pass on the wrong side are actually increasing the flow of traffic by widening the area through which traffic passes. In computer models, it turns out that the best traffic flow is reached when around 60% of the people […]

Installing Homebrew Apps op the Pre

The aptly-named “WebOS Quick Install” from our very own Jason Robitaille. It’s a simple desktop Java-based app that you can download and install on a Mac, PC or Linux machine. First, install the webOS SDK (Update, version 1.1 has just been released and it uses the Recovery ROM – take a quick look at the […]

Pocket Universe 1.7

Very simply put, this takes the compas, the time and the GPS to determine where on earth you are. It then uses the camera input and shows you the constellations you’re looking at, tells you what they are and you can click on suns and planets for a more detailed view. Pocket Universe 1.7 • […]

EADS Barracuda UAV flies

US Senate axes F-35 alternate engine

And continuing on with the US military madness, the alternate Rolls Royce power source for the F-35 is to stop receiving funding from. This is a huge slap in the face to the UK. US Senate axes F-35 alternate engine -23/07/2009-Washington

rain Surgery Using Sound Waves

A new ultrasound device, used in conjunction with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), allows neurosurgeons to precisely burn out small pieces of malfunctioning brain tissue without cutting the skin or opening the skull. A preliminary study from Switzerland involving nine patients with chronic pain shows that the technology can be used safely in humans. The researchers […]

Visual complexity shows a whole plethora of projects where different data (usually large amounts of it) has been mapped in such a way that it looks aesthetically very pleasing.

Big Book of Everything

This book (available in PDF or Excel format) contains all the details people need to know when you die – what your assets are, your passwords, where your will is, letters you want sent, etc etc. There are 37 pages of information (each with their own theme) for you to fill in, it looks pretty […]

F-22 chopped by US Senate

The US has just gone and done something I really can’t see the point of besides politics: they’ve gone and chopped their air dominance fighter after a production run of under 200 aircraft. Instead they want to lay their eggs in the F-35 JSF basket – which performs poorly against the current Australian F-18s and […]

One Giant Leap to Nowhere

This is a great little piece on why the NASA budget was cut after the man on the moon mission Apollo 11, and why we should be exploring space. Op-Ed Contributor – One Giant Leap to Nowhere – I’m a great believer in space exploration and agree totally that it’s fairly unbelievable that we […]

Improve Your Posture with Duct Tape

Stand up as straight as you can, with your back vertical and your arms at your sides, relaxed. Then, have a friend take a strip of duct tape and run a three inch strip down your back. The top of it should be on the center of one of your shoulder blades and end three […]

Wet Shaving

Who knew there was such a cult around wet shaving? I’ve been wet shaving all my life, but have to admit to using Wilkinson’s Sword or Gilette plastic blades. I’ve got a straight razor, but don’t know how to use it. Well, there’s more. Much more. Double bladed razors are a kind of in-between thing: […]

UK Child vetting systems

This story is about how little the UK trusts adults to be around children. Allready, the UK has a system in place where you have to register and be vetted in order to be in contact with children (for example to drive them to sports events). Now they want a much larger system of vetting […]

Cure for radiation sickness found?

The process that led up to the medical innovation dates back to 2003, when Professor Gudkov came up with the idea of using protein produced in bacteria found in the intestine to protect cells from radiation. via Cure for radiation sickness found? – Israel News, Ynetnews.

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