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Drink spiking a myth

After having looked at 100 cases of supposed drink spiking in the past 12 hours, it turns out that there were no drugs in the women, just alcohol. Drink spiking a myth: WA study :

X-Pole 50mm Dancing Pole

The reviews make sense: this is the BEST striptease pole you can get. Easy to set up using the DVD and solid. X-Pole 50mm Dancing Pole Xpole Striptease Pro Pole: Home & Garden. NB Amazon is expensive – if you live in Europe, buy it straight from the supplier, it’s a lot cheaper!


Heatmapper allows you to upload a map to it, and then walk around with your laptop with wifi on. When you get to a place, you click on it on the map and the signal strength of wifi is measured, creating a heat map.

British Court Ditches Internet Anonymity

In a dangerous judgment for British bloggers and whistleblowers, a British court has ruled (absurdly) that because blogging itself is a public activity, bloggers have ‘no reasonable expectation of privacy’ regarding their identities, and newspapers are allowed to publish their identities if they can find them by fair or foul means. A British police detective […]

Slashdot Your Rights Online Story | A Black Day For Internet Freedom In Germany

This week, the two big political parties ruling Germany in a coalition held the final talks on their proposed Internet censorship scheme. DNS queries for sites on a list will be given fake answers that lead to a page with a stop sign. The list itself is maintained by the German federal police (Bundeskriminalamt). They […]


Layar is a cellphone (Android only at the moment and limited to NL) augmented reality viewer. You point your phone at an object, it’ll show it through the camera and then it will show any notes or information about the object. Currently it has layers with Funda (which shows houses for sale) and a few […]

DataSlide reinvents hard drive

DataSlide’s Hard Rectangular Drive (HRD) does not use read-write heads moving across the recording surface of a spinning hard disk drive (HDD). Instead an ultra-thin, 2-dimensional array of 64 read-write heads, operating in parallel, is positioned above an piezo-electric-driven oscillating rectangular recording surface, and delivers 160,000 random IOPS with a 500MB/sec transfer rate. via DataSlide […]

Run your own firmware on the Palm Pre

It’s easy, and you can run anything you like on it, you don’t have to worry about it being signed. hold the volume-up button while it’s booting in order to set it to restore mode. Once in that mode, you can use Palm’s firmware flasher app.

Ice air con system aims for cool on the cheap

The idea is to use cheap off-peak energy at night to freeze a tank of water or “distributed energy storage system” then use that great block of ice to cool your data centre in the daytime. Refrigerant would circulate from the tank to the Data Aire equipment eliminating the need to run the energy-intensive compressor […]

Zeo’s Personal Sleep Coach

This thing tracks your sleep, analyses your rhythms and will wake you up at your optimum wakeup point. It better, for $399,- .

First Acoustic Black Hole Created

“One of the many curious properties of Bose Einstein Condensates (BECs) is that the flow of sound through them is governed by the same equations that describe how light is bent by a gravitational field. Now, a group of Israeli physicists have exploited this idea to create an acoustic black hole in a BEC. The […]

Palm Pre Development code

as it turns out from the launcher screen of your Pre simply type in the phrase “upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart” — which if you parse with spacing might be more easily recognizable as the infamous Contra Konami code look it up — and up comes a hidden app called “Developer Mode Enabler.” via The secret to Palm Pre […]

Pre Recovery Tool Leaks Out, Including webOS Root Image(!)

It’s only been a few days since the Palm Pre was released, but one of the biggest breakthroughs for the outside-the-system developer community may have just been made. With this, people can probably tell how the OS hooks into the hardware, which will allow them to hook in themselves – something Palm itself has been […]

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook allows you to use Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 effectively with Google Apps. You get the cost savings, security and reliability of Google Apps while employees can use the interface they prefer for email, contacts and calendar. via Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

Inflatable space tower

These guys are claiming that gyrocontrolled inflatable modules that allready exist (well, without the gyrocontrols then) could be stacked onto each other initially up to 15 km high. If placed on a mountain that could get it up to 20 km. This could then be used for tourism, atmospheric research, telecoms or spacecraft launches. Eventually […]

‘Access Keys’ for Accessible UI

CSS 3 implements a system that allows you to assign shortcut keys (with alt or shift-alt modifiers) to links, radio buttons, check boxes, etc. This allows disabled people and people who don’t particularly like using the mouse to navigate the web much faster..

How to Store/Load Wii Games via USB Hard Drive on System Menu 4.0 [Slick Tricks Part 2]

How to Store/Load Wii Games via USB Hard Drive on System Menu 4.0 and jailbreak it. A very clear guide..

botox as treatment for paralysis

who knew it could do this kind of stuff? A paralysed man can now walk after a botox treatment. Still, don’t put this stuff in your face!.

The Lear Jet repo man

Super Repo men get back your 747, learjet, whatever. They’ll reposess from men with guns, whole helicopter fleets, whatever. They make low to middle 7 figures every year. James Bond, eat your heart out..

Peregrine wires you into a keyboard, we go hands-in

This glove controller recognises 30 types of touches and is being marketed at the MMO crowd. The USB cable detaches easily if you want to leave your desk. Around $129,- .

SwapMode: gaming for your ipod

This cydia app kills most daemons you usually don’t need whilst gaming, thus improving your game speed. When you swap back, you get your normal daemons running again..

How to convert from Serendipity (s9y) 1.3.1 to WordPress

Unfortunately it proves to be quite a bit of hassle to do yourself. For some reason WordPress itself doesn’t have a Serendipity conversion filter in the import tools and Google has quite a bit of trouble finding the right one. So here’s the proper way to get your old blog’s content (including the second bit […]

CardStar Creates Scanner-Friendly Bonus Cards

A pretty neat idea – you put the logo of the store in there and generate a barcode to go with it. You can then empty your wallet of clutter!


It’s a colour picker with a zoom function

Healthy Food Combinations

It turns out that eating certain foods combined is much better than eating them seperately. * Tomatoes & Avocadoes * Oatmeal & Orange Juice * Broccoli & Tomatoes * Blueberries & Grapes * Apples & Chocolate * Lemon & Kale * Soy & Salmon * Peanuts & Whole Wheat * Red Meat & Rosemary * […]

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