Wet Shaving

Who knew there was such a cult around wet shaving? I’ve been wet shaving all my life, but have to admit to using Wilkinson’s Sword or Gilette plastic blades. I’ve got a straight razor, but don’t know how to use it.

Well, there’s more. Much more. Double bladed razors are a kind of in-between thing: they offer a closer shave than a standard safety razor, are a lot cheaper to use (because new blades are very cheap) and are safer than a straight.

Badger & Blade has a lot of reviews of the tools you’ll need. It’s not just the razor, it’s also the blade. And the oil. And the lather. And the brush…

The shave den has a huge amount of information too.

I’ve got my Merkur C-11 and Bluebird Hi-stainless-Platinum blades on order. We’ll see how much I cut my face up!

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