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Unix Command-Line Kung Fu

This pdf has a couple of fun bash shell tricks, such as using find, replacements for the up arrow, cut, sed, awk and a few more in a very readable format. Unix_Command-Line_Kung_Fu_ SANS .pdf application/pdf Object.

Robot Touchscreen Analysis

This shows pretty conclusively that the iphone has the best touchscreen followed by the Palm Pre. The Androids don’t do too well at all. » Blog Archive » Robot Touchscreen Analysis.

Full body scanners: fine for us, but not for them

The BAA employee took a photo of his co-worker, Jo Margetson, when she inadvertently went through a scanner. “I can't bear to think about the body scanner thing,” she told the Sun. “I'm totally traumatised. I've spoken to the police about it. I'm in too much of a state to go to work.” BAA said: […]

Gerald Blanchard: Masterthief

This guy started stealing at 6 and never looked back. Banks, jewelry, skimming, scamming, he’s done it all. Using high-tech gadgets and doing parachuting in or using air ducts, he got in anywhere. A gripping read of a real life Pink Panther style master thief, who made a few too many mistakes and got caught. […]

Computer Engineer Barbie

Yup, it finally happened, Barbie® I Can Be…™ dolls and accessories empower girls to play out different roles and “try on” fabulous careers, including computer engineer, the first Barbie® profession chosen by popular vote! Always a reflection of the times, this digital diva engineers the perfect geek-chic look, with hot pink accessories and sleek gadgets […]

A school with normal times gets impressive results.

A school that has allowed its pupils to start the day an hour later says it has seen absenteeism decline.At Monkseaton High School, in North Tyneside, 800 pupils aged 13-19 have started lessons at 10am since October.Early results indicates that general absence has dropped by 8% and persistent absenteeism by 27%. via BBC News – […]

ALL models are bad for women’s self esteem

Whether they’re plus sized, normal sized or skinny, women will feel bad about themselves whenever they see a model. There really is no pleasing them! Plus Size Models Don’t Raise Self Esteem | The Frisky.

Foil impressioning lockpicking

The way the tool works is that you first take some aluminum foil and make a ‘U shaped’ form using the special tool to do so and make small incisions on pre-determined positions. Next thing you do is put the foil over a special blank that already has the profile of your target lock. The […]

Speed Up Windows 7 Taskbar Navigation with a Registry Hack – Windows Tip – Lifehacker

Launch regedit.exe HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer AdvancedGo to Edit->New->DWORD 32-bit ValueName the value LastActiveClick Hit enter to assign the value and change it to 1Restart Explorer and you're good to go. via Speed Up Windows 7 Taskbar Navigation with a Registry Hack – Windows Tip – Lifehacker.

F-35 price hiked by 90%

Not only is the F-35 underperforming and overpriced, it’s also not an air dominance fighter. It’s a point defence fighter with the same limitations of the F-16 when it first came out. If you want to play with the big boys, you gotta have a big stick, and the F-35 just isn’t it. Now it’s […]

US Army takes down CIA / Saudi extremist website

Showing there is little unity and policy when it comes to cyber warfare in the US, the military took down a website used to gather intelligence on extremists. In the process of doing so they took down around 300 servers around the world and pissed off all the other intelligence gathering agencies that were covertly […]

d_shape: print your house

d_shape is a large Italian 3D printer, capable of printing large structures, up to and including houses. via welcome to d_shape. This isn’t a new idea, and it should work. I don’t know what happened to the house printer I covered in

Lost Shakespeare Play?

On December 1727 an intriguing play called Double Falshood; Or, The Distrest Lovers was presented for production by Lewis Theobald, who had it published in January 1728 after a successful run at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London. The title page to the published version claims that the play was ‘Written Originally by W.SHAKESPEARE’. Double […]

DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition

This program allows you to remote control your Canon or Nikon camera connected to a PC, allowing you to preview and shoot the pictures from the screen of the ipod. DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

A dagger to the CIA

Opinion piece by a former CIA operative on its current lack of operational capability, On December 30, in one of the deadliest attacks in CIA history, an Al Qaeda double agent schemed his way onto a U.S. base in Afghanistan and blew himself into the next life, taking seven Americans with him. How could this […]

End of stealth aircraft

It used to be that you needed a huge cellphone network to start mapping changes in air currents, but now these guys have developed a sensor that can measure the movement and displacement of air particles using a sensor smaller than a matchstick head! The Microflown The Microflown is the worlds first and only MEMS […]

OSx86 Project

This wiki has guides showing you how to get OSX Snow Leopard installed on a PC using Intel or AMD chips. Main Page – OSx86.

Behavioral Game Design / How you get addicted to games

This article is a general primer on how to get players to continuously play your game, which in the world of the MMPORG is a very important element, using a behavioural model. Gamasutra – Features – Behavioral Game Design. This article is a bit more cynical and compares the above techniques to addiction creation and […]

Popular Science completely archived and online

Using Google search technology you can now browse through the entire archive of Popular Science magazine and read the old issues online. New! Browse the Complete PopSci Archive | Popular Science.

Why DRM Sucks: Ubisoft goes down

Yup, this is what happens to DRM servers: they go down and you can’t play your game, listen to your music, or really do anything with the product you bought. Ubisoft’s game servers have been down for longer than 10 hours, well done! The Escapist : News : Ubisoft DRM Authentication Servers Go Down.

IDUMP4U – dump your girl/boy friend

This guy will dump your girlfriend or boyfriend for a small fee  by phone. He records the call and then puts it on YouTube for the world to hear. IDUMP4U the website where we do all the dirty work for you!.

DMCA Amendment Proposed For UK

Showing that the LibDems in the UK are now the lapdogs of major industry, they have proposed an amendment allowing copyright owners to force ISPs to take content offline without any proof that the copyright belongs to them. “During today's debate in the UK's House of Lords on the much-criticized Digital Economy Bill the unpopular […]

Seriously: multitasking is bad for you!

And we’ve known this since the 1890s. Experiments repeatedly show that multitasking basically makes you perform badly at any of the tasks you’re performing. Now, however, it turns out that not only do you do badly at the tasks, but it also destroys your capacity for reasoning. This article walks quickly through the history of […]

Skinput turns your body into a touch device

The system beams a keyboard or menu onto the user's forearm and hand from a projector housed in an armband. An acoustic detector, also in the armband, then calculates which part of the display you want to activate. via Body acoustics can turn your arm into a touchscreen – tech – 01 March 2010 – […]

Texas DSHS secretly collects babies blood for DNA

And then puts them into a database accessible by… who? and why? This started in 2002 and has been going on without your knowledge ever since… Newborns’ blood used to build secret DNA database – Short Sharp Science – New Scientist.

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