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Hola Unblocker

Hola unblocker is a Firefox / Chrome extension that unblocks access to sites, such as BBC iplayer. What’s special about it, is it doesn’t work like a VPN solution and it doesn’t slow down the browsing experience. Hola Unblocker.

Pollution makes Europeans unhappy

Researchers in Canada have found a correlation between air pollution and people’s happiness. Their deep analysis, reported in the latest issue of the International Journal of Green Economics, suggests that air pollution may lead to unhappiness while the converse is also true, the unhappier the citizens of a country the more air pollution. via Pollution […]

Transportation research finds roundabouts are the way to go for drivers of any age

I’m a big fan of roundabouts, they’ve allways seemed to me to improve traffic flow no end and reduce driver frustration. It turns out I was right! Transportation research finds roundabouts are the way to go for drivers of any age.

NL judge votes for vendor lock in

Oracle has lost a court case, where the Dutch government asked specifically for SAP software in their tender. The judge ruled that as the Dutch .gov allready uses SAP, they can ask for it and rule out other vendors if they want. Oracle won’t dispute the ruling, as it works out well for them: the […]

Build Your Own Adobe Creative Suite with Free and Cheap Software

There are loads of alternatives out there, this page gives you a good list per product. Build Your Own Adobe Creative Suite with Free and Cheap Software.

Outsource your job to China for fun and profit

A case story of a programmer employee who’d outsourced his job to China for 1/5th of his wages, allowing him to surf the web and chill out all day for at least 6 months before his employers discovered that there were regular VPN sessions coming in from Shenyang, China. Verizon Business Security Blog » Blog […]

The Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette

Swissotel hotels and restaurants has put this online. Useful! The Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette.

The “Red October” Campaign – An Advanced Cyber Espionage Network Targeting Diplomatic and Government Agencies – Securelist

During the past five years, a high-level cyber-espionage campaign has successfully infiltrated computer networks at diplomatic, governmental and scientific research organizations, gathering data and intelligence from mobile devices, computer systems and network equipment. Kaspersky Lab’s researchers have spent several months analyzing this malware, which targets specific organizations mostly in Eastern Europe, former USSR members and […]

Dutch Defence facts and figures for 2012 out

This is an annual publication in Dutch concerning the armed forces. The main tasks are covered, as well as the ministry, materiel, locations, personnel and finances. Kerngegevens Defensie | Brochure |

IRENA – Global Atlas for Solar & Wind

The Global Atlas is the comprehensive information platform on the potential of renewable energy. It provides resource maps from leading technical institutes worldwide and tools for evaluating the technical potential of renewable energies. It can function as a catalyst for policy development and energy planning, and can support investors in entering renewable energy markets. via […]

$17,000 Linux-powered rifle brings “auto-aim” to the real world | Ars Technica

The gun is coupled with it’s own ammunition, which is manufactured to tight tolerances. It then feeds video into a recitcle or ipad app with HUD information on it. You point a laser at the target and move the gun aimer to cover the pip. Once it does, the gun fires. This makes it extremely […]

German Military Laser Destroys Targets Over 1Km Away

Two laser modules mounted onto Revolver Gun air defense turrets made by Oerlikon and attached to additional power modules. The laser modules are 30 kW and 20 kW, but a Beam Superimposing Technology (BST) combines two lasers to focus in a “superimposed, cumulative manner” that wreaks havoc on its targets. First, the system sliced through […]

Romper suit to protect against sudden infant death

Breathing sensors built into romper suits could help prevent sudden cot deaths in the future. The basis for this is a stretchable printed circuit board that fits to the contours of the body and can be manufactured using routine industrial processes. Read more at: Romper suit to protect against sudden infant death.

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