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Reframing Privacy as Obscurity

Privacy is a vague, undefined term which can be used very broadly. Obscurity is much more narrow, which means it can be more practically used to define preferable outcomes when it comes to protecting privacy. Obscurity: A Better Way to Think About Your Data Than 'Privacy' – Woodrow Hartzog and Evan Selinger – The Atlantic.

Digital DNA Sequences can be resolved easily to individuals and their families

So how is DNA data stored? It turns out that it’s easily reverse solvable using just the web. Governments don’t have a particularly good track record when it comes down to protecting databases. Do you really want your government holding on to your DNA? Search of DNA Sequences Reveals Full Identities –

Stealth wear – anti surveillance fashion

Adam Harvey creates fashion items that keep Big Brother off your back. He has experimented with hairstyles and makeup that confuse facial recognition. He has a pocket that blocks all transmissions to and from your cellphone. A hijab that thwarts thermal imaging technology. The ultimate in good looking tinfoil hats. Anti-Drone Camouflage: What to Wear […]

British Army operators detail Black Hornet UAV attributes

Each Black Hornet system consists of two aircraft, with a single controller for the UAS and its payload and a base station. A tablet-sized monitor is also part of the package, which totals approximately 2kg (4.4lb). The UAS carries three cameras – one looking straight ahead, one straight down and one at 45˚ forward and […]

3Doodler – 3D printing pen

It’s a pen that can draw in 3D and make real objects! The 3Doodler.

thought controlled, feeling bionic hand

The wiring of his new bionic hand will be connected to the patient’s nervous system with the hope that the man will be able to control the movements of the hand as well as receiving touch signals from the hand’s skin sensors. Dr Micera said that the hand will be attached directly to the patient’s […]

Office 2013 only good for a specific PC

This means it can’t be installed on your new PC, when you replace your old one. It’s unknown what will happen when you upgrade components in your PC. Does your copy of Office 2013 die with your computer?.

Wireless Multifunction Mini Router / Repeater / Access Point / Client / Bridge

This Satechi mini router is tiny, portable and offers a whole lot of functionalities. The price is $49,99 normally, but it’s being offered for $39,99 now. youtube film here Wireless Multifunction Mini Router / Repeater / Access Point / Client / Bridge.

Cable internet to go 10 Gb/s down and 1Gb/s up with DOCSIS 3.1

Cable-Tec Expo: DOCSIS 3.1 to Blaze Trail Toward 10 Gig Speeds | Cable Television News | Broadcast Syndication | Programming |

Using EMS to create haptic feedback

Zapping your forearm using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) makes your muscle contract, meaning you have to use another muscle to counteract it, resulting in a force feedback feeling. Because the system uses just 2 wires, it can easily be miniturised and fitted to smartphones for haptic gaming. Muscle-zapper forces gamers' own hands against them – […]

Lucky Thirteen: Breaking the TLS and DTLS Record Protocols

The researchers use a timing attack to break SSL Lucky Thirteen: Breaking the TLS and DTLS Record Protocols.

Crash OSX by typing in File:///

This is supposed to work in almost any application on OSX. Oops. rdar://13128709: OSX apps (TextEdit) crashing in spell-checker (I think)..

The Patent King: has a staggering 558 patents, costing companies around the world some $1.5 billion in licensing fees. But what did Jerome Lemelson actually invent?

Apparently he invented tiny incremental improvements on paper and used a trick to delay the patent submitting process so that he could incorporate existing technologies into patents filed ages ago. He also made the patents huge, vague and filed them again and again after refusal. Then he started to sue and sue and sue. The […]

Iran’s new Qaher-313 stealth fighter

It looks like something from the movie “Firefox”. Iran's new Qaher-313 stealth fighter: No, it's not April fools day – The DEW Line.

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