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Bitcoin now subject to US Money-Laundering Rules

Bitcoin will be subject to regulation in the US as it gains in popularity. The article below goes into fearmongering about the potential of Bitcoins to be used by criminals, but forgets to mention that ALL currencies are used by criminals.

Dutch reschool unemployed to COBOL-experts

Considering there is a huge shortage of COBOL programmers, this is an excellent idea!

French students sue Twitter $50 Million After Refusing To Identify Authors Of Racist And Anti-Semitic Tweets

The French have much stricter anti-hate speech laws than the US, so some Jewish students thought they would go after Twitter when users of their service posted anti-semitic content. Twitter removed the content, but didn’t identify the culprits. The students feel they have the right to personal retaliatiin or something and went crying to a […]

TeamSpy snooped on governments, big biz undetected for 10 years

Just like Red October this has been going on for a long time and the antivirus / malware community has been caught with their pants down. They did this by sunberting TeamViewer. They were detected because after 10 years of impunity, the team has been getting sloppy.

Rudeness reinforces conservatism and antipathy

The NY Times ran a story about a new technology past 1000 + people. Some got to see itmwith civil comments, others with rude comments. The peoplemwho read the rude comments became more polarised against the new tech and also reinterpreted the article to be more negative. nyt

Crown casino hi-tech scam nets $32 million

A high rolling gambler and his accomplice tapped into the Crown casino video surveillance cctv system and were able to read other players cards. In just 8 hands (!) this led to them winning some $32 million herals sun

Drunk driving: No more dangerous than talking on handsfree mobile

the reg

“Hacker Fares”: Kayak Helps You Book Two One-WayFlights

Because sometimes that’s cheaper than a return, if you book with different airlines consumerist

pmd camboard pico gesture technology

This system is like the leap motion, but has a 3d spacial interface, giving you an extra axis and more control. It also follows your whole finger instead of the fingertips. pmd technologies

Lynx camera – create 3D models

DIY Oculus Rift, Guide to Build Your Own

New nuke clear plant that runs on existing nuclear waste


Lomography’s Smartphone Scanner Digitizes Film Right To Your Mobile Device

It will only cost $60 to digitise your film negatives gizmodo

MakerBot Digitizer

The makerbot scans items using cameras and laters and saves the 3d model so that you can replicate it later on a 3d printer.

3d display with leap motion

By projecting four images onto a prism you get a real 3d holographic feel. Using the leap motion to move around the object looks really good!

Screenhero | Collaborative Screen Sharing

What’s interesting about this, is that all the users on the PC get their own mouse to control independently ScreenHero

Thermodo unveils a mercury-free way to measure air temperature on your smartphone

It consists of a sensor that sends an audio signal to a dongle in your audio jack. They have an open source sdk so you can take the temp and do what you like with it. Thermodo

Fabbster Personal 3D Printer

It uses various plastics, meaning you can print in various colours and should cost between $1500 – $2000. Fabbster is a German comapnymand the product looks very good.

Twitter to drop TweetDeck for AIR, Android and iOS, will also pull Facebook integration

The only way to get your tweetdeck will be through the webbased version. Boo! Engadget

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