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logstalgia – website access log visualization

What a way to view your website logs, a bit like pong! logstalgia – website access log visualization – Google Project Hosting.

Vervanging F-16 : Algemene Rekenkamer

All the documentation pertaining to the replacement of the Dutch F-16 fleet has been put online in a website. True transparent democracy!

PAL-V | Flying Gyrocopter

Flying cars have been around for some time in some form or other. This one – designed in the Netherlands – only requires a recreational pilot’s license. PAL-V | Ultimate Freedom.

Using alternative materials for 3D printing

A US company called Emerging Objects researches different materials to use in 3D printers, apart from plastic. So far they can use paper, salt, cement polymer, nylon, wood and acrylics. emerging objects » Materials.

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