Debian forks into Devuan over systemd

Devuan – the GNU/Linux by Veteran Unix Admins.. From the email: “If systemd had just been an interchangeable init system it wouldn’t be so problematic. It’s the scope creep and mess of poorly-defined interdependencies that are truly shocking. ” “With sysvinit great effort was taken never to break existing configurations, and that appears to have Read more about Debian forks into Devuan over systemd[…]

Spaceship Two breaks up in flight

The spacecraft broke up after being released from a carrier aircraft at high altitude, according to Ken Brown, a photographer who witnessed the plane breaking apart. One pilot was found dead inside the spacecraft and another parachuted out and was flown by helicopter to a hospital, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said. Friday’s flight marked Read more about Spaceship Two breaks up in flight[…]