Debian forks into Devuan over systemd

Devuan – the GNU/Linux by Veteran Unix Admins..

From the email:
“If systemd had just been an interchangeable init system it wouldn’t be so problematic. It’s the scope creep and mess of poorly-defined interdependencies that are truly shocking. ”

“With sysvinit great effort was taken never to break existing
configurations, and that appears to have been lost. Introducing dependency-based boot took over two stable cycles; optional in one, default in the next, mandatory after that. That could have been reduced certainly, but the point is that time was taken to ensure its correctness and robustness (and in the beginning, it did need work, so the wait was worthwhile). This has not occurred with systemd, which has been made the default yet is still not ready for production use.”

Big words and big actions!

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