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EXACTO Guided Bullet Demonstrates Repeatable Performance against Moving Targets

DARPA’s Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) program, which developed a self-steering bullet to increase hit rates for difficult, long-distance shots, completed in February its most successful round of live-fire tests to date. An experienced shooter using the technology demonstration system repeatedly hit moving and evading targets. Additionally, a novice shooter using the system for the […]

Debian 8 “Jessie” released

After almost 24 months of constant development the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 8 (code name "Jessie"), which will be supported for the next 5 years thanks to the combined work of the Debian Security team and of the Debian Long Term Support team. "Jessie" ships with a new default […]

The Palette: Turn your 3D Printer into a multi-colour, multi-material unit

It’s a little box you put before the output of your printer and it will allow you to change materials and colours, turning your single filament printer into one that can output multiple colours and materials. The Palette: 3D Printing Evolved by Chris Labelle — Kickstarter.

Cash register maker used same password – 166816 – non-stop since 1990

Bishop Fox consultant Byrne and Trustwave testing chief Henderson say passwords Z66816 and 166816 – the 1 and Z being variations according to PoS keyboard layouts via Cash register maker used same password – 166816 – non-stop since 1990 • The Register.

How to crash any iPhone or iPad within WiFi range

Security researchers presenting at this week’s RSA Conference in San Francisco, have uncovered a whole new compelling reason to switch off your phone. Skycure’s Yair Amit and Adi Sharabani have demonstrated a startling vulnerability in iOS that can allow malicious hackers to crash any iOS device within range of a WiFi hotspot. And it doesn’t […]

Recon Jet finally ships – HUD sunglasses, not as creepy as Glassholes and works better

Jet’s display is equivalent to a 30” screen viewed from 7 feet (2 m) away. It’s crisp and vibrant in all lighting conditions—and thanks to our patented Glance Detection technology, it wakes up instantly when you glance down, then turns off again when you look away, minimizing distractions and maximizing power efficiency. Only $699 Recon […]

Google Handwriting Input – Finally Graffiti but better!

Google Handwriting Input allows you to handwrite text on your phone or tablet in 82 languages. It supports printed and cursive writing, with or without a stylus. Google Handwriting Input also supports hundreds of emojis, so you can express yourself in any Android app. via Google Handwriting Input – Android Apps on Google Play. I’ve […]

This Mesh Stops Oil But Lets Water Right Through

Google gives handwriting interface for Android

Jabba the Hutt Costume

Adult Jabba the Hutt Costume – Jabba the Hut Costumes.

How To Make A Secret Phone Call

His step-by-step instructions for making a clandestine phone call are as follows: Analyze your daily movements, paying special attention to anchor points (basis of operation like home or work) and dormant periods in schedules (8-12 p.m. or when cell phones aren’t changing locations); Leave your daily cell phone behind during dormant periods and purchase a […]

How Washington State Could Turn Aircraft Carriers Into Bridges

Washington State just received federal funds to study a totally unique toll bridge concept, one made out of decommissioned US Navy Super Carriers. The bridge would consist of two or three carriers and would link Bremerton and Port Orchard, Washington, spanning the Sinclair Inlet. apparently they are fighting an uphill battle but what an […]

Republican Senators Just Voted To Sell Off US National Forests

SA 838 is a budgetary amendment which backs support for and funding of state efforts to take over federal land. It was part of a larger debate over the 2016 fiscal year federal budget. While yes, its language does note that it’s impossible to sell National Parks, National Monuments and National Preserves (which enjoy extraordinary […]

Hacker hijack ‘threat’: Your car’s security is Adobe Flash-grade BAD

as we’ve long suspected, the computers in today’s cars can be hijacked wirelessly by feeding specially crafted packets of data into their networks. There’s often no need for physical contact; no leaving of evidence lying around after getting your hands dirty. This means, depending on the circumstances, the software running in your dashboard can be […]

in 2010 some guy patented trollface from 2008 and now goes around being a patent troll

some random wanker called Ramirez woke up in 2010 and decided to patent trollface. now he’sttrolling the patent and making serious money.

Ubiquiti Networks is creatively violating the GPL and why should we care

ubiquiti makes some pretty cool wifi mesh networking stuff that does some cool things. however by violating GPL they are actually introducing as well as not fixing known security vulnerabilities into networks running their hardware.

Pixel OFF save battery on amoled screens

Some AMOLED screen powered devices are able to “turn off” those pixels which are showing black colour. This app will let you to turn off some pixels in order to save your appreciate battery by showing very small black points. As newer devices comes with very high density screens those points will be insignificant to […]

oops – down for 20 hours

Office Lens Preview

Office Lens takes pictures of pages and using OCR transports them to MS Office format. On Windows phone it’s been around for some time, on Android they are starting the technology. Office Lens Preview – Android Apps on Google Play.

Unpowered ankle exoskeleton takes a load off calf muscles to improve walking efficiency

The result of eight years of work begun by Steve Collins and Greg Sawicki when they were graduate students together at the University of Michigan in 2007, the device has been shown to reduce the metabolic cost of walking by around seven percent. The researchers claim this is roughly equivalent to taking off a 10-lb […]

After Obama’s cybersecurity order threatens Snowden fund, bitcoin donations spike

A new executive order signed into law this week by the president has one online community up in arms, after its loose wording effectively ruled out donating to Edward Snowden and others. In a post on Reddit’s Bitcoin subreddit, members pledged to donate to the whistleblower’s relief fund, despite the wording of the new executive […]

Intel Ultra-slim PC Compute Stick turns any TV with USB into a Windows 8 desktop

Newegg is selling them for $150 Intel Atom 2GB 32GB SSD Windows 8.1 Intel Ultra-slim PC Compute Stick Intel Atom 2GB 32GB SSD Windows 8.1 –

New battery charges faster is better for environment

Pseudocapacitance of MXene nanosheets for high-power sodium-ion hybrid capacitors : Nature Communications : Nature Publishing Group.

How the Pentagon Lost Track of $45 Billion in Afghanistan

Since 2002, Congress has set aside $104 billion specifically to rebuild Afghanistan. Of that, $66 billion went to the Pentagon. Recently, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction asked the military to account for all that spending. It couldn’t. According to a new report from SIGAR, the Pentagon only knows how it spent a third […]

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