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SnapPower Charger: A USB charger in a coverplate – no wiring

SnapPower Charger Overview Powerful 1-amp USB charger built into an outlet cover plate. Charges any USB device (phones, phablets, tablets, hotspots, etc.) and eliminates the need for bulky wall warts. Installs in seconds over any standard outlet in your home. There’s no wiring to mess with, and no batteries to sort out. Just bring a […]

Pixar’s rendering system for Maya and Katana now free to download

RenderMan is now free for all non-commercial purposes, including evaluations, education, research, and personal projects. The non-commercial version of RenderMan is fully functional without watermark or limitation via Non-Commercial.

Large numbers of British Airways Executive Club accounts being Locked/Zeroed Out/in Audit (‘Ex-gratia’) due to data breach

Starting on 27 March 2015, a very large number of people have found that their Avios balance has been reset to zero. Their list of transactions shows an "Ex-Gratia" deduction of their entire previous balance. Other people are also reporting they are unable to access their accounts at all, with their BAEC number not being […]

A Review on Night Enhancement Eyedrops Using Chlorin e6

it seems fair to say that this technique is successful in it claims for low light amplification in the human eye. These findings are subjective experiences. Subject experienced no adverse effects following administration. Preliminary testing seems to indicate this increase in dim light vision to be occurring via A Review on Night Enhancement Eyedrops Using […]

Hotel routers very insecure

ANTLabs InnGate devices are a popular Internet gateway for visitor-based networks. They’re commonly installed in hotels, convention centers and other places that provide temporary guests access to a WiFi connection. If you’ve ever used WiFi in a hotel, you’re familiar with these types of devices as they are typically tied to a specific room number […]

Anova Precision Cooker – bluetooth sous vide device

At $179 this is considered the best value for money sous vide circulation cooker, which means you can put it into any container and get it to go for you. However, at CES 2015 they announced a wifi version, which will allow you to adjust the temperature and timing away from home, which I think […]

RadioShack Selling Customer Data In Bankruptcy Auction

As Bloomberg reports, RadioShack is offering up more than 13 million email addresses and 65 million physical addresses to the highest bidder via RadioShack Selling Customer Data In Bankruptcy Auction. Didn’t see that coming…

Uber: Selling your data

This year, we are going to see the transformation of Uber into a big data company cut from the same cloth as Google, Facebook and Visa – using the wealth of information they know about me and you to deliver new services and generate revenue by selling this data to others.Starwood is Just the beginningRecently, […]

Greenpeace cofounder explains: Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic

Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic | Heartlander Magazine.

France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels

Rooftops on new buildings built in commercial zones in France must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels, under a law approved on Thursday.Green roofs have an isolating effect, helping reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a building in winter and cool it in summer.The argument for divesting from fossil fuels […]

Carbon3D Unveils Breakthrough CLIP 3D Printing Technology, 25-100X Faster

The Continuous Liquid Interface Productiongo technology (CLIP) process relies on a special transparent and permeable window which allows both light and oxygen to get through. Think of it as a large contact lens. The machine then is able to control the exact amount of oxygen and when that oxygen is permitted into the resin pool. […]

Descent: Underground Kickstarter

They are resurrecting this awesome shooter! quarter of a million dollars so far… Descent: Underground by Descendent Studios — Kickstarter.

Po-motion Interactive Floor and Wall Displays – software from USD 32

Po-motion Interactive Floor and Wall Displays – Games – Projections.

Apple iOS Hardware Assisted Screenlock Bruteforce

You can buy the IP box on ebay for around $200. It takes 4 – 5 days to unlock any IOS device, even if it has the “Erase data after 10 attempts” configuration setting enabled. MDSec Blog: Apple iOS Hardware Assisted Screenlock Bruteforce.

B55 Connected – This is how Breitling does smart watches

A breath of fresh air! B55 Connected – Breitling – Instruments for Professionals.

Homeopathy not effective for any medical condition

After a years-long review of hundreds of studies, Australia’s top medical research agency has concluded that homeopathy is essentially useless for treating any medical condition. Researchers with the National Health and Medical Research Council conducted a review of published studies on homeopathy and report that they could not find any good quality evidence to support […]

Star Wars-style ‘bionic hand’ fitted to first patients

The technique required the men to have their lower arms amputated and fitted with a robotic replacement which responds to electrical impulses when the muscles contract in the same way as a real hand. “In effect, brachial plexus avulsion injuries represent an inner amputation, irreversibly separating the hand from neural control,” said Professor Oskar Aszmann, […]

Xiaomi Mi Note: a smartphone that looks the biz!

Xiaomi Mi Note: This Chinese Phone Is Great. Too Bad You Can't Use It..

Your New Galaxy S6 Will Have a Built-In Expiration Date

No removable battery!?!?! So sad, goodbye Samsung :'( Your New Galaxy S6 Will Have a Built-In Expiration Date.

Digital Combat Simulator

From the guys who built LOMAC Digital Combat Simulator.

America’s most powerful men explain why they’re scared of email

Graham told a confused Bloomberg News: "I’ve tried not to have a system where I can just say the first dumb thing that comes to my mind. I’ve always been concerned. I can get texts, and I call you back, if I want." McCain meanwhile said this: "I’m afraid that if I was emailing, given […]

Rowhammer allows root access to non-ECC DRAM3 memory machines (laptops)

"rowhammer", rapidly writes and rewrites memory to force capacitor errors in DRAM, which can be exploited to gain control of the system. By repeatedly recharging one line of RAM cells, bits in an adjacent line can be altered, thus corrupting the data stored. This corruption can lead to the wrong instructions being executed, or control […]

Freedom respected by NL courts – no more total tracking of internet and calling data

Dutch courts have decided that the ubiquitous tracking of every person in the nation is at variance with the right to having a private life and has to be stopped immediately. Hopefully the NL Gov (of which the Justice department is very disappointed with the verdict, the house of commons less so) will not appeal […]

Apple patents Samsungs Edge screen

Once Apple saw it they went for the patent and yesterday got it. Prior art? Never heard of it. Well done Apple for copying someone else – yet again. And well done the patent system for giving up patents to people who have not rights to them. Yet again. Apple patenteert Samsungs Edge-scherm – Webwereld.

This Map Shows Where the Happiest and Unhappiest People Live in the US

All other things being equal, the south, parts of the west, and upper midwest are the happiest places in the United States according to a recent study. Researchers from Harvard University and the University of British Columbia took data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which asked 300,000 individuals to report on their […]

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