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‘Zeno effect’ verified, Heisenberg uncertainty principle controlled: Atoms won’t move while you watch

The researchers observed the atoms under a microscope by illuminating them with a separate imaging laser. A light microscope can’t see individual atoms, but the imaging laser causes them to fluoresce, and the microscope captured the flashes of light. When the imaging laser was off, or turned on only dimly, the atoms tunneled freely. But […]

Mimic, the Evil Script That Will Drive Programmers To Insanity

Mimic implements a devilishly sick idea floated on Twitter by Peter Ritchie: “Replace a semicolon (;) with a Greek question mark (;) in your friend’s C# code and watch them pull their hair out over the syntax error.” There are quite a few characters in the Unicode character set that look, to some extent or […]

Galaxies formed just after Big Bang viewed

Observations by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have taken advantage of gravitational lensing to reveal the largest sample of the faintest and earliest known galaxies in the Universe. Some of these galaxies formed just 600 million years after the Big Bang and are fainter than any other galaxy yet uncovered by Hubble. The team has […]

Europe’s top privacy watchdog calls on firms to curb U.S. data transfers

The EU is offering a 3 month grace period before it starts to enforce the death of safe harbour. No data of EU citizens to repressive regimes! Source: Europe’s top privacy watchdog calls on firms to curb U.S. data transfers

Huge Hack Hits 4 Million British TalkTalk Broadband Customers

British broadband provider TalkTalk has admitted that all of its 4 million customers’ names, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers and bank details may have stolen by hackers. Source: Huge Hack Hits 4 Million British Broadband Customers

Bitcoin is Exempt from VAT, Rules European Court of Justice – it’s a currency

Bitcoin transactions will be exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT), the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled. Source: Bitcoin is Exempt from VAT, Rules European Court of Justice

3D-printed teeth can kill 99% of bacteria

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands have created a process that can manufacture 3D-printed teeth and braces which are actually good for your other teeth, and dental health in general. Source: 3D-printed teeth can kill 99% of bacteria

BeON LED bulbs learn when you use them and automatically go on and off – also when on holiday.

Light up your house if fire alarm or outage. Prevent break-ins and intrusions by making home look lived-in. Source: Proactive Home Protection: Safety and Security

Let’s Encrypt is Trusted by browsers

Let’s Encrypt has received cross-signatures from IdenTrust, which means that our certificates are now trusted by all major browsers. This is a significant milestone since it means that visitors to websites using Let’s Encrypt certificates can enjoy a secure browsing experience with no special configuration required. Source: Let’s Encrypt is Trusted Let’s Encrypt wants to […]

Tattling Kettles Help Researchers Crack WiFi Networks In London

Security researchers at Pen Test Partners have found a security vulnerability in the iKettle Wi-Fi Electric Kettle that allows attackers to crack the password of the WiFi network to which the kettle is connected. Researchers say that using this simple trick and information about iKettles, they drove around London, cracked home WiFi networks, and created […]

On-chip material allows you to bend and squeeze light without changing the phase

Source: In this zero-index material — made of silicon pillar arrays embedded in a polymer matrix and clad in gold film — there is no phase advance. Instead zero-index material creates a constant phase, stretching out in infinitely long wavelengths.

Hackers Can Use Radio Waves to Hijack Androids and iPhones via Siri and Google Now

This rig is able to send radio waves at an iPhone or Android with its headphones still plugged in, using the headphone cable as a receiver that picks up the radio signals and relays them to the operating system’s voice recognition software. Source: Hackers Can Use Radio Waves to Hijack Androids and iPhones via Siri […]

Cops are asking and 23andMe for their customers’ DNA

When companies like and 23andMe first invited people to send in their DNA for genealogy tracing and medical diagnostic tests, privacy advocates warned about the creation of giant genetic databases that might one day be used against participants by law enforcement. Source: Cops are asking and 23andMe for their customers’ DNA So, people […]

Lockheed fires green lasers from business jets

Lockheed Martin claims to have overcome a major obstacle to shooting high-power laser weapons from high-speed aircraft, saying it has successfully completed 60 Aero-adaptive Aero-optic Beam Control (ABC) laser turret flight tests over the past year. The turret uses a green, low-power laser to measure the system’s effectiveness at jet cruise speeds and at different […]

Computer uses algorithms to decide what relationships to study in big data sets, outperforms humans

MIT researchers aim to take the human element out of big-data analysis, with a new system that not only searches for patterns but designs the feature set, too. To test the first prototype of their system, they enrolled it in three data science competitions, in which it competed against human teams to find predictive patterns […]

Jackpot: New hacking group steals 150,000 credit cards from casino

Flat, firewall-free network was a walk in the park, boffins say.[…]They say the casino lacked even basic firewalls around its payment platforms and did not have logging. “It was a very flat network, single domain, with very limited access controls for access to payment systems,” Emmanuel Jean-Georges told the Cyber Defence Summit (formerly Mircon) in […]

Dow Jones hacked for 3 years, 3500 of 1%ers data taken

“It appears that the focus was to obtain contact information such as names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of current and former subscribers in order to send fraudulent solicitations.”[…]“As part of the investigation to date, we also determined that payment card and contact information for fewer than 3,500 individuals could have been accessed, although […]

Microsoft now uses Windows 10’s Start menu to display ads

We’ve all become used to the idea of ads online — it’s something that has become part and parcel of using the internet — but in Windows? If you’ve updated to build 10565 of Windows 10, you’re in for something of a surprise: the Start menu is now being used to display ads. Source: Microsoft […]

MPs who create laws to spy on everyone now worried about politicians’ communications being spied upon

Source: MPs to hold emergency debate over politicians’ communications being spied upon hahahaha it turns out that they are not exempt from GHCQ spying after all – and now they care!

To make persuasive political arguments, couple your argument to the opposing moral values

Stanford sociologist Robb Willer finds that an effective way to persuade people in politics is to reframe arguments to appeal to the moral values of those holding opposing positions.[…]Conservative participants were ultimately persuaded by a patriotism-based argument that “same-sex couples are proud and patriotic Americans … [who] contribute to the American economy and society.”[…]”Moral reframing […]

Dridex banking malware steals GBP 20m +

Dridex, which seeks to harvest users’ banking credentials, apparently originates with what the NCA’s release describes as ‘technically skilled cyber criminals in Eastern Europe’, and is said to target both individuals and consumers alike. Losses in the UK to the attacks are currently estimated at £20mn. Source: FBI and NCA join forces against Dridex banking […]

Breach Safe-Harbour ban? EUR 300K fine…

Source: Positionspapier des ULD zum Safe-Harbor-Urteil des Gerichtshofs der Europäischen Union vom 6. Oktober 2015, C-362/14 – ULD

Hackers can steal your BRAIN WAVES

Depressingly familiar and stupid mistakes in EEG kit, health org’s storage of recorded brains Source: Hackers can steal your BRAIN WAVES EEG results are basically not encrypted or stored or transmitted any way securely, allowing them to be stolen, replayed and altered in transit. It’s not too much of a problem to fix, but it […]

Tallinn Manual 2.0 to Be Completed in 2016 | lawyers talking about hackers and calling them mercenaries with no recourse to Geneva conventions

Top legal experts met this week in Estonia for a drafting session of the substantially expanded and updated edition of the handbook on applicability of international law to the cyber realm. […] The Tallinn Manual process is funded, hosted and facilitated by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. Source: Tallinn Manual 2.0 to […]

Myo Gesture Control Armband – Wearable Technology by Thalmic Labs

The Myo armband is a gesture control device that lets you take control of your phone, computer, and so much more, touch-free. Source: Myo Gesture Control Armband – Wearable Technology by Thalmic Labs

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