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Brain – Computer interfaces could be built from graphene: shown to safely interact with neurons in the brain

Researchers have successfully demonstrated how it is possible to interface graphene – a two-dimensional form of carbon – with neurons, or nerve cells, while maintaining the integrity of these vital cells. The work may be used to build graphene-based electrodes that can safely be implanted in the brain, offering promise for the restoration of sensory […]

Israeli Drone Feeds Hacked By British and American Intelligence

MERICAN AND BRITISH INTELLIGENCE secretly tapped into live video feeds from Israeli drones and fighter jets, monitoring military operations in Gaza, watching for a potential strike against Iran, and keeping tabs on the drone technology Israel exports around the world. Under a classified program code-named “Anarchist,” the U.K.’s Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, working with […]

The Jobs Most Likely to Be Taken Over by Robots In the Near Future

The World Economic Forum expects automation and robots will eliminate 5.1 million jobs within the next five years. That’s a scary thought, especially if you have one of these jobs that could theoretically be done more efficiently (and for less cost) with an automated machine. Source: The Jobs Most Likely to Be Taken Over by […]

NSA’s top hacking boss explains how his guys work

Rare public appearance from Tailored Access Operations leader NSA tiger teams follow a six-stage process when attempting to crack a target, he explained. These are reconnaissance, initial exploitation, establish persistence, install tools, move laterally, and then collect, exfiltrate and exploit the data. Source: NSA’s top hacking boss explains how to protect your network from his […]

Microsoft Edge Browser private mode leaks data through cache

there are plenty of open source utilities available to offer a look inside the ESE Database on a standalone mode, i.e. without external support required. However, this entirely depends on the state in which the database is present. Being ESE database, in case of a dirty shutdown of the machine, there is high possibility of […]

Built-in LG smartphone app created data hack risk

“SNAP” allows an attacker to run arbitrary JavaScript code on the vulnerable LG devices, according to security researchers from Israeli security firms BugSec and Cynet. This might be easily exploited to allow private data leakage, phishing attacks and/or crash a vulnerable device, say the researchers. The security flaw is rooted in a bug in one […]

MedNexus – new search engine for evidence based medical information

Navigating the sea of information available online can be daunting at best, and dangerous at worst. Our MLA (Machine Learning Algorithms) vet the clinical impact and relevance of new research. We want to cut out the noise and pseudo-science. Source: MedNexus Hopefully better than using Google!

Newegg sues patent troll that dropped its case

A patent-holding company called Minero Digital seeks to exact royalty payments on a wide range of USB hubs, suing more than two dozen retailers and manufacturers last year. But the “non-practicing entity” dropped its East Texas lawsuit against Newegg subsidiary Rosewill within days of getting a call from the company’s lawyer. Newegg Chief Legal Officer […]

Anaheim cops in Disneyland’s backyard have had plane based mass mobile phone hacking stuff going for years

Pentagon: DRTBox can usually nab phone’s crypto session keys in under a second. Source: City cops in Disneyland’s backyard have had “stingray on steroids” for years Military grade Dirtboxes have been flying for the police without requiring a warrant for years. The 4th Reich irrepresive surveillance machine strikes again – Anaheim won’t be the only […]

GPS was broken for a while

On 26 January at 12:49 a.m. MST, the 2nd Space Operations Squadron at the 50th Space Wing, Schriever Air Force Base, Colo., verified users were experiencing GPS timing issues. Furtheri nvestigation revealed an issue in the Global Positioning System ground software which only affected the time on legacy L-band signals. This change occurred when the […]

Java getting rid of b0rked plugin

developers of applications that rely on the Java browser plugin need to consider alternative options such as migrating from Java Applets (which rely on a browser plugin) to the plugin-free Java Web Start technology. Oracle plans to deprecate the Java browser plugin in JDK 9. This technology will be removed from the Oracle JDK and […]

Eneco WarmteWinner™ pumps ambient warm air into your CV, saves up to 60% energy

Sounds pretty amazing Bespaar tot 60% besparing op je gasverbruik met de Eneco WarmteWinner™: een kleine warmtepomp naast je cv-ketel. Bespaar tot € 250,- per jaar, simpel geplaatst én onderhoudsvriendelijk, met subsidie al binnen 4 jaar terugverdiend. Source: Eneco WarmteWinner™

500Gbps DDoS attack flattens world record

“The largest attack reported by a respondent this year was 500Gbps, with other respondents reporting attacks of 450Gbps, 425Gbps, and 337Gbps,” (says the Arbor report) Source: 500Gbps DDoS attack flattens world record

A Health Insurer Lost Six Hard Drives Holding Data About 1 Million Customers

Centene, based in St Louis, says that the hard drives in question contain personal data about people who received laboratory services between 2009 and 2015. Stored on the drives are details including names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, member ID numbers and health information. Source: A Health Insurer Lost Six Hard Drives Holding […]

Apple’s Safari browser is crashing on iPhones and Macs worldwide – turn off search suggestions helps.

Apple’s Safari browser appears to be experiencing issues worldwide this morning. Searching from the address bar in both iOS and OS X is causing the browser to crash in some instances. The Verge has confirmed the problem on several of our own iOS devices and at least one OS X machine.”Safari’s search suggestions are to […]

Lenovo ShareIT comes with hardcoded password and directory traversal

Hard-coded password in Lenovo SHAREit for Windows [CVE-2016-1491] When Lenovo SHAREit for Windows is configured to receive files, a Wifi HotSpot is set with an easy password (12345678). Any system with a Wifi Network card could connect to that Hotspot by using that password. The password is always the same. Remote browsing of file system […]

Quantum mechanics: Put three pigeons in two holes and none of them will be in the same hole.

We show that quantum mechanics violates one of the fundamental principles of nature: If you put three particles in two boxes, necessarily two particles will end up in the same box. We find instances when three quantum particles are put in two boxes, yet no two particles are in the same box, a seemingly impossible […]

Oxford Prof calulates how long it would take for large-scale conspiracies to reveal themselves

Dr Grimes initially created an equation to express the probability of a conspiracy being either deliberately uncovered by a whistle-blower or inadvertently revealed by a bungler. This factors in the number of conspirators, the length of time, and even the effects of conspirators dying, whether of old age or more nefarious means, for those conspiracies […]

Skype finally hides IP adresses

Skype is fully committed to delivering as safe and secure of an experience as possible to our customers. We have recently introduced the ability to hide a Skype user’s IP address and we’ve set this as a default status in the latest versions of Skype. Starting with this update to Skype and moving forward, your… […]

Hot Potato Exploit Gives Attackers the Upper Hand in Multiple Windows Versions

By chaining together a series of known Windows security flaws, researchers from Foxglove Security have discovered a way to break into almost all of Microsoft’s recent versions of Windows. Source: Hot Potato Exploit Gives Attackers the Upper Hand in Multiple Windows Versions

WEBCAM – Shodan Search

Find open webcams on Shodan! Source: Server: SQ-WEBCAM – Shodan Search

Linux Foundation quietly scraps individual memberships, kills voting for the board

Now you can only be a ‘supporter’ with no voting rights Source: Linux Foundation quietly scraps individual memberships In an open source project this is a massive sellout, giving corporate sponsors all of the power over who runs the board

Microsoft struggles against self-inflicted Office 365 IMAP outage. 7 days and counting.

Microsoft engineers are struggling to fix a seven-day-old, self-inflicted Office 365 IMAP outage. IMAP access to Office 365 tanked on January 18, meaning customers could not access emails using Exchange Online via IMAP or connect third-party mail clients via IMAP. Microsoft told disgruntled Office 365 customers that the problem affected a limited number of licensees […]

Terrible infections, bad practices, unclean kit – welcome to hospital IT

Medicine is world’s worst industry for data security, it seems Source: Terrible infections, bad practices, unclean kit – welcome to hospital IT Hospitals running unpatched XP and 95, hardware vendors that ship 36 trojans with their patches, people running around pressing keyboard keys to make sure none of the PCs ever logs out, pacemakers with […]

Here’s How Much Celebrities Make in the Instagram Product Placement Machine

A nice list! It turns out to run from around $1000 to $3000 depending on how many followers you have. Source: Here’s How Much Celebrities Make in the Instagram Product Placement Machine

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