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FindFace Facial Recognition Service Becomes a Weapon Against Russian Porn Actresses

Users of the Russian imageboard “Dvach” (2chan) have launched a campaign to deanonymize Russian actresses who appear in pornography, utilizing a controversial new service called “FindFace.” Source: Facial Recognition Service Becomes a Weapon Against Russian Porn Actresses – Global Voices Advocacy What a bunch of pissants – using a creepy stalker app to then send […]

Who’s downloading pirated papers on sci-hub? Everyone

An exclusive look at data from the controversial web site Sci-Hub reveals that the whole world, both poor and rich, is reading pirated research papers. Source: Who’s downloading pirated papers? Everyone

Malware and non-malware ways for ATM jackpotting. Extended cut – Securelist

Millions of people around the world now use ATMs every day to withdraw cash, pay in to their account or make a variety of payments. Unfortunately, ATM manufacturers and their primary customers – banks – don’t pay much attention to the security of cash machines. Source: Malware and non-malware ways for ATM jackpotting. Extended cut […]

If you use Waze, hackers can stalk you, add thousands of ghost cars to divert your traffic

Researchers at the University of California-Santa Barbara recently discovered a Waze vulnerability that allowed them to create thousands of “ghost drivers” that can monitor the drivers around them—an exploit that could be used to track Waze users in real-time. They proved it to me by tracking my own movements around San Francisco and Las Vegas […]

Cisco Finds Backdoor Installed on 12 Million PCs by French Advertiser Tuto4PC

Cisco’s Talos security intelligence and research group has come across a piece of software that installed backdoors on 12 million computers around the world.The software, which exhibits adware and spyware capabilities, was developed by a French online advertising company called Tuto4PC. The firm, previously known as Eorezo Group and apparently linked to another company called […]

Mad Scientist Builds Fully Functional Hoverbike

Because a thermite-blasting cannon isn’t crazy enough, Colin Furze used a pair of motors and propellers designed for parasailing to build himself a fully functional flying hoverbike. It’s easily one of the mad scientist’s most dangerous builds to date, but seeing how maneuverable it is almost makes us want to build one too. Source: Mad […]

Microsoft Office 365 Flaw Allowed Anyone To Log In To Almost Any Business Account

A severe vulnerability in the way Microsoft Office 365 handles federated identities via SAML put an attacker in a position to have access to any account and data, including emails and files stored in the cloud-based service. Microsoft pushed through a mitigation to the service on Jan. 5, seven hours after being notified by researchers […]

93.4m Mexican Voters Data found on open US server

In my hands is something dangerous. It is proof that someone moved confidential government data out of Mexico and into the United States. It is a hard drive with 93.4 million downloaded voter registration records— The Mexican voter database. See the interview with Chris Vickery commenting on this breach: Before going any further, let’s make […]

UK intel agencies spy indiscriminately on millions of innocent folks, have been since  the 90s

The UK’s intelligence agencies (MI5, MI6, and GCHQ) are spying on everything you do, and with only the flimsiest of safeguards in place to prevent abuse, according to more than a thousand pages of documents published today as a result of a lawsuit filed by Privacy International. The documents reveal the details of so-called “Bulk […]

Franz – a free messaging app for Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and more

Franz is a free messaging app / former Emperor of Austria and combines chat & messaging services into one application. He currently supports Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, GroupMe, Skype and many more. You can download Franz for Mac, Windows & Linux. Source: Franz – a free messaging app for Slack, […]

Combined UK and French Joint Expeditionary Force is now reality

with more than 5,000 personnel from the two countries coming together for Exercise Griffin Strike. The exercise, which involves a joint French/UK headquarters planning and executing military activity for the first time, will see the CJEF demonstrate ‘full validation of concept’. That means it will be available for bilateral, NATO, EU, UN or coalition operations. […]

Interconnectedness of the galaxies

A group of researchers are studying how all the galaxies in the universe are connected, network-style. Source: Interconnectedness of the galaxies You can explore the network models here

Heatmap News – view news by location on a map

Heatmap News gives you a quick overview of what is happening in the world right now. It provides a unique perspective by presenting the most important news stories from around the world on a map. Source: Heatmap News

Data protection reform – Parliament approves new rules fit for the digital era

The new rules include provisions on: a right to be forgotten, “clear and affirmative consent” to the processing of private data by the person concerned, a right to transfer your data to another service provider, the right to know when your data has been hacked, ensuring that privacy policies are explained in clear and understandable […]

How the hacking team hack was done

_ _ _ ____ _ _ | | | | __ _ ___| | __ | __ ) __ _ ___| | _| | | |_| |/ _` |/ __| |/ / | _ \ / _` |/ __| |/ / | | _ | (_| | (__| < | |_) | (_| | (__|

Hotjar – Records mouse behaviour to see where visitors are scrolling, mousing and clicking to make heatmaps

Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. Source: Hotjar – Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Conversion Funnels, Form Analytics, Feedback Polls and Surveys in One Platform I’ve been seeing this on more and more sites recently. They state that the service is cheap (but no pricing to be […]

Brain link bypasses spine to control hands

Here we show that intracortically recorded signals can be linked in real-time to muscle activation to restore movement in a paralysed human. We used a chronically implanted intracortical microelectrode array to record multiunit activity from the motor cortex in a study participant with quadriplegia from cervical spinal cord injury. We applied machine-learning algorithms to decode […]

All Prior Art – generating patent applications and giving them away, helping kill patent trolls

All Prior Art is a project attempting to algorithmically create and publicly publish all possible new prior art, thereby making the published concepts not patent-able. The concept is to democratize ideas, provide an impetus for change in the patent system, and to preempt patent trolls. The system works by pulling text from the entire database […]

Bigelow Aerospace and United Launch Alliance announce plans for inflatable space station modules

The volumes will be based on the Bigelow Aerospace B330 expandable module with the initial launch to orbit in 2020 on ULA’s Atlas V 552 configuration launch vehicle. The B330 will have 330 cubic meters (12,000 cu ft) of internal space. The craft will support zero-gravity research including scientific missions and manufacturing processes. Beyond its […]

Stephen Hawking and a Russian Billionaire Want to Build tiny Interstellar Starships

Last year, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence got a major boost when Russian billionaire Yuri Milner unveiled a $100 million effort to scan the skies for radio and light signals emitted by aliens. Not content to simply sit tight and wait for ET to hail us, Milner now plans to build interstellar spacecraft. Yes, you […]

Rafael unveils “Drone Dome” anti-UAV system

The all-weather Drone Dome has 360° circular coverage, and uses an electro-optical/infrared sensor and radar to detect a threat. The data is then combined and correlated and alerts the operator of the hostile UAV. The system initiates either an automatic interference operation – as per pre-defined rules – or it is carried out manually by […]

Panama Papers – why are people hiding their money offshore anyway?

So, with the Panama papers, governments are cracking down on tax dodgers. In the Netherlands the minister wants to increase the penalty for giving up your hidden funds to 300% plus back taxes plus interest. The claim is that it’s not fair, because poor people don’t have enough money to dodge taxes and so have […]

Circuit Simulator Applet

This HTML 5 applet has loads of circuit elements you can use to set up a circuit and see in animated form how the current is running, measure the voltage, amperage and resistance at any point. Very nice to predesign your electronics. Source: Circuit Simulator Applet

Why are our planets’ poles moving? Water.

It turns out to be two factors: 1. Polar ice is melting. 2. We are storing water in different places and moving it around the planet using piping. These factors redistribute the weight of the water around the planet, making the poles wander around. We analyze space geodetic and satellite gravimetric data for the period […]

CIA’s Fundings Clearista Skin Care Products That Collect DNA among other markers for health

Clearista products were designed with medical applications in mind before they became beauty products. The idea was that removing the product got you access to traces or biological markers that give an insight into the health of a person. They also cover blemishes and dark spots on the skin. So the CIA is interested, as […]

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