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Hackers Stole 65 Million Passwords From Tumblr, New Analysis Reveals

Troy Hunt, a security researcher who maintains the data breach awareness portal Have I Been Pwned, recently obtained a copy of the stolen data set. Hunt told Motherboard that the data contained 65,469,298 unique emails and passwords. Source: Hackers Stole 65 Million Passwords From Tumblr, New Analysis Reveals | Motherboard

systemd unilaterally changes value to kill background processes after user logs out

Source: #825394 – systemd kill background processes after user logs out – Debian Bug report logs And amazingly defends their choice with a “we are wiser than thou, you don’t know what you need” argument whilst telling world + dog how system administration should be done. Idiots. Nobody expects programs on a server to be […]

You Can Absolutely Be Identified Just By How You Drive

Researchers from the University of Washington and the University of California, San Diego did an experiment to see what could be learned from just the information many cars are already recording. The result was that the way people drove was as identifiable as a fingerprint. […] When it was given data from all 16 sensors […]

Microsoft now upgrades to Windows 10 even if you click the big red X to close the nagware window!

Redmond assumes closing nagware dialog means ‘yes’, says that’s by design […] Redmond recently created a new Windows 10 nagware reminder that presented a dialog asking you to install the OS. But if users clicked the red “X” to close the dialog – standard behaviour for dispelling a dialog without agreeing to do anything – […]

Twitter abuse – each gender sends misogynistic tweets as often as the other

A study into abusive tweets sent from UK Twitter accounts suggests large-scale misogyny, with women responsible for half of such tweets. Source: Twitter abuse – ‘50% of misogynistic tweets from women’ – BBC News And men for the other half.

All European scientific articles to be freely accessible by 2020

Open access means that scientific publications on the results of research supported by public and public-private funds must be freely accessible to everyone. That is not yet the case. The results of publicly funded research are currently not accessible to people outside universities and knowledge institutions. As a result, teachers, doctors and entrepreneurs do not […]

Samsung Adds More Ads to Its TVs

The world’s largest maker of TVs by shipments added new tile ads to the main menu bar of its premium TVs in the U.S. in June 2015 and is planning to expand the program to Europe in coming months, people familiar with the matter said. […] according to one of these people, and by using […]

Lawyers Suggest You Stop Using Your Finger to Unlock Your Phone: You are protected against revealing passwords under the Fifth Amendment’s right against self-incrimination, but your biometrics are not.

A court or police officer could legally compel you to press your finger onto your smartphone to unlock it, but if your phone is locked with a passcode, no one can legally compel you to open it, says William J. Cook, an attorney and partner at law firm Reed Smith in Chicago, who specializes in […]

Skimer ATM Malware takes it to a new level

Once the magic card is inserted, the malware is ready to interact with two different types of cards, each with different functions: 1.Card type 1 – request commands through the interface 2.Card type 2 – execute the command hardcoded in the Track2 After the card is ejected, the user will be presented with a form, […]

Oculus Rift DRM circumvented for HTC Vive

Play Oculus exclusive games on the HTC Vive Github

1.4 bil. yen stolen from 1,400 convenience store ATMs across Japan

TOKYO (Kyodo) — A total of 1.4 billion yen ($12.7 million) in cash has been stolen from some 1,400 automated teller machines in convenience stores across Japan in the space of two hours earlier this month, investigative sources said Sunday. Police suspect that the cash was withdrawn at ATMs using counterfeit credit cards containing account […]

Mycroft – open source AI / Siri replacement now online

Get it on Github have fun resolving dependencies 🙂

GSM/GPRS Traffic Interception for Penetration Testing Engagements An excellent howto on gsm gprs listening and setting up your own 4g / 2g base to intercept traffic

Oculus breaks promise, uses DRM to kill app that let you switch VR systems

As recently as 5 months ago, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was promising his customers that they could play the software they bought from the Oculus store on “whatever they want,” guaranteeing that the company wouldn’t shut down apps that let customers move their purchased software to non-Oculus hardware. But now, Oculus has changed its DRM […]

IBM Research Quantum Experience – access a real quantum computer for free!

IBM Quantum Experience represents the birth of quantum cloud computing, offering hands-on access to IBM’s experimental cloud-enabled quantum computing platform, and allowing users to run algorithms and experiments, work with quantum bits (qubits), and explore tutorials and simulations around what might be possible with quantum computing[…] The IBM Quantum Experience is a virtual lab where […]

Are we alone in the universe? Not likely, according to math

Adam Frank from the University of Rochester and Woodruff Sullivan from the University of Washington based their new equation on the Drake equation, used for calculating the probability of extraterrestrial civilisation, written by astronomer and astrophysicist Frank Drake in 1961. Source: Are we alone in the universe? Not likely, according to math

SkinTrack Turns Your Arm Into a Touchpad.

n the project video, a finger swipes and pokes at skin like it’s a touchscreen. As the finger navigates a hairy forearm, a cursor reacts to the movement on the smartwatch screen. There’s no projection and little lag between the finger’s movement and movement on the screen.[…] the researchers developed a ring that sends a […]

Magnetic memory boffins unveil six-state storage design

Better-than-binary multi-level memory Source: Magnetic memory boffins unveil six-state storage design They arrange three magnetic ellipses in a very small space. They are calling it MRAM.

OpenRA – updated and free Red Alert, Command and Conquer

Open Source reimplementation of Westwood Studios’ 2D Command and Conquer games OpenRA is a project that recreates and modernizes the classic Command & Conquer real time strategy games. We have developed a flexible open source game engine (the OpenRA engine) that provides a common platform for rebuilding and reimagining classic 2D and 2.5D RTS games […]

BLIPS: Turn your phone into a microscope

Laser-assisted direct ink writing of planar and 3D metal architectures

The ability to pattern planar and freestanding 3D metallic architectures at the microscale would enable myriad applications, including flexible electronics, displays, sensors, and electrically small antennas. A 3D printing method is introduced that combines direct ink writing with a focused laser that locally anneals printed metallic features “on-the-fly.” To optimize the nozzle-to-laser separation distance, the […]

Study shows phone metadata is much more sensitive than top spies admit

In a study published online Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Stanford University researchers demonstrated how they used publicly available sources—like Google searches and the paid background-check service Intelius—to identify “the overwhelming majority” of their 823 volunteers based only on their anonymized call and SMS metadata. Using data collected through […]

Backblaze releases billion-hour hard drive reliability report

Backblaze has released new data from its hard drive reliability survey. Seagate has recovered dramatically since BB pulled their 3TB drives, but HGST leads the pack in minimum failure rates. Source: Backblaze releases billion-hour hard drive reliability report | ExtremeTech

Swarm A.I. Correctly Predicts the Kentucky Derby, Accurately Picking all Four Horses of the Superfecta at 540 to 1 Odds – showing that humans can swarm

Until recently, the human species has been unable to take advantage of this fundamental biological technique, for we didn’t evolve the ability to swarm. Enter Unanimous A.I., a Silicon Valley startup founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur and researcher Dr. Louis Rosenberg. The core question Rosenberg set out to answer was: Can humans swarm, and […]

Italian Military to Save Up to 29 Million Euro by Migrating to LibreOffice

Following on last year’s bold announcement that they will attempt to migrate from proprietary Microsoft Office products to an open-source alternative like LibreOffice, Italy’s Ministry of Defense now expects to save up to 29 million Euro with this move. We said it before, and we’ll say it again, this is the smartest choice a government […]

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