As recently as 5 months ago, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was promising his customers that they could play the software they bought from the Oculus store on “whatever they want,” guaranteeing that the company wouldn’t shut down apps that let customers move their purchased software to non-Oculus hardware.

But now, Oculus has changed its DRM to exclude Revive, a “proof-of-concept compatibility layer between the Oculus SDK [software development kit] and OpenVR,” that let players buy software in the Oculus store and run it on competing hardware.

The company billed the update as an anti-piracy measure, but Revive’s developer, who calls themself “Libre VR,” points out that the DRM only prevents piracy using non-Oculus hardware, and allows for unlimited piracy by Oculus owners.

Source: Oculus breaks promise, uses DRM to kill app that let you switch VR systems

There you go – DRM being thrown in again. It’ll get broken, but still it becomes an annoyance to the users. So another reason (apart from the price) to go to a competitor.