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Millions of Americans Are Wrong About Having a Food Allergy: about 1/2 who think they have don’t, but have never seen a doc about it

Millions of Americans might be mistaken about their self-professed food allergy, suggests a new survey. It found that while nearly 20 percent of people said they had a food allergy, only half as many people reported the sort of symptoms you’d expect from eating something you’re allergic to. Researchers surveyed more than 40,000 adults via […]

Sony appears to be blocking Kodi on its recent Android TVs

For the unfamiliar, Kodi is an open source, cross-platform streaming and media player solution that allows you to access and play local, network, and remote content. The UI has been extensively optimized over the last 15 years since the XBMC days to provide one of the best big-screen experiences out there, and it’s been one […]

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