Android 14 Storage Bug: Users with multiple profiles Locked Out of Devices

Android 14, the latest operating system from Google, is facing a major storage bug that is causing users to be locked out of their devices. This issue is particularly affecting users who utilize the “multiple profiles” feature. Reports suggest that the bug is comparable to being hit with “ransomware,” as users are unable to access their device storage.

Initially, it was believed that this bug was limited to the Pixel 6, but it has since been discovered that it impacts a wider range of devices upgrading to Android 14. This includes the Pixel 6, 6a, 7, 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet. The Google issue tracker for this bug has garnered over 350 replies, but there has been no response from Google so far. The bug has been assigned the medium priority level of “P2” and remains unassigned, indicating that no one is actively investigating it.

Users who have encountered this storage bug have shared log files containing concerning messages such as “Failed to open directory /data/media/0: Structure needs cleaning.” This issue leads to various problematic situations, with some users experiencing boot loops, others stuck on a “Pixel is starting…” message, and some unable to take screenshots or access their camera app due to the lack of storage. Users are also unable to view files on their devices from a PC over USB, and the System UI and Settings repeatedly crash. Essentially, without storage, the device becomes practically unusable.

Android’s user-profile system, designed to accommodate multiple users and separate work and personal profiles, appears to be the cause of this rarely encountered bug. Users have reported that the primary profile, which is typically the most important one, becomes locked out.

Source: Android 14 Storage Bug: Users Locked Out of Devices

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