Future Skylines: plans for amazing green skyscrapers in Singapore

The Brits are once more taking Singapore by storm, but this time with their snazzy, sustainable architecture. Firm Foster + Partners has plans for an over-1,600,000-square-foot (filling an entire city block), mixed-use structure that’s completely decked out with green-friendly tech.

The design of the structure maximizes the amount of natural light that filters throughout the building, and is studded with solar panels to help power elevators, lights and other amenities. Its slanted facades are designed to help airflow by catching and directing the wind, which’ll also keep things cool. On top of that, it’ll harvest rainwater, use geothermal heating and employ ice-based cooling. Can smart design trump our love of air conditioners and gluttonous electrical needs? When it looks this good, it’s got a good shot.

Check out the gallery below for more views of Singapore’s future skyline.

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