Amazons Macie detects data leaks in S3 buckets using AI

Think of Macie as a data loss prevention agent, a DLPbot, that uses machine learning to understand a user’s pattern of access to data in S3 buckets. The buckets have permission levels and the data in a bucket can be ranked for sensitivity or risk, using items such as credit card numbers, and other sensitive personal information.

The software monitors users’ behaviour and profiles it. If there are changes in the pattern of that behaviour and they are directed towards high-risk data then Macie can alert admin staff to a potential breach risk.

For example, if a hacker successfully impersonates a valid user and then goes searching for data in unexpected places and/or from an unknown IP address then Macie can flag this unusual pattern of activity. The product could also identify a valid employee going rogue, say, generating a store of captured data ready to steal it.

Source: If there’s a hole in your S3 bucket, data thieves will be sprayed by Macie

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