Denmark-based brewing giant Carlsberg has reported good progress in its attempts to turn Microsoft’s Azure AI into a robot beer sniffer.

The project, which kicked off earlier this year, was aimed at cutting the time a beer spends in research and development by one-third, thus getting fresh brews into the hands of drinkers faster … and their beer tokens into the pockets of Carlsberg.

The director and professor of yeast and fermentation for Carlsberg, Joch Förster, has been tasked with the seemingly enviable job of tasting a lot of beer as the brewer tries out new flavours. In reality, however, ploughing through hundreds of samples isn’t really practical. Hence Förster and his team have turned to sensors and AI to predict what a beer will taste like.

Source: Carlsberg: AI beer taster can now tell the difference between lager and pilsner • The Register