DoNotPay App Lets You ‘Sue Anyone By Pressing a Button’. Success rate: 50%

a new, free app promises to let you “sue anyone by pressing a button” and have an AI-powered lawyer fight your case.

Do Not Pay, a free service that launched in the iOS App store today, uses IBM Watson-powered artificial intelligence to help people win up to $25,000 in small claims court. It’s the latest project from 21-year-old Stanford senior Joshua Browder, whose service previously allowed people to fight parking tickets or sue Equifax; now, the app has streamlined the process. It’s the “first ever service to sue anyone (in all 3,000 counties in 50 states) by pressing a button.”

The crazy part: the robot lawyer actually wins in court. In its beta testing phase, which included releases in the UK and in select numbers across all 50 US states, Do Not Pay has helped its users get back $16 million in disputed parking tickets. In a phone call with Motherboard, Browder said that the success rate of Do Not Pay is about 50 percent, with average winnings of about $7,000.


The app works by having a bot ask the user a few basic questions about their legal issue. The bot then uses the answers to classify the case into one of 15 different legal areas, such as breach of contract or negligence. After that, Do Not Pay draws up documents specific to that legal area, and fills in the specific details. Just print it out, mail it to the courthouse, and violá—you’re a plaintiff. And if you have to show up to court in person, Do Not Pay even creates a script for the plaintiff to read out loud in court.


Browder told Motherboard that data protection is a central part of his service, which is free (users keep 100 percent of what they win in court, Browder says.) Per Do Not Pay’s privacy policy, all user data is protected with 256-bit encryption, and no third parties get access to personal user information such as home address, email address, or information pertaining to a particular case.


Of all of Do Not Pay’s legal disputes, Browder told Motherboard that he’s most proud of an instance where a woman took Equifax to court and won, twice. After her data was compromised by Equifax last year, she took the $3 billion company to small claims court and won. When Equifax appealed the verdict and sent a company lawyer to fight for an appeal, the woman won again.

Source: DoNotPay App Lets You ‘Sue Anyone By Pressing a Button’

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