ETSI’s Activities in Artificial Intelligence: White Paper


This White Paper entitled ETSI Activities in the field of Artificial Intelligence supports all stakeholders and summarizes ongoing effort in ETSI and planned future activities. It also includes an analysis on how ETSI deliverables may support current policy initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence.  A section of the document outlines ETSI activities of relevance to address Societal Challenges in AI while another addresses the involvement of the European Research Community.

AI activities in ETSI also rely on a unique testing experts’ community to ensure independently verifiable and repeatable testing of essential requirements in the field of AI. ETSI engages with its highly recognised Human Factors community to develop solutions on Human Oversight of AI systems.

AI requires a multitude of distinct expertise where, often, AI is not the end goal but a means to achieve the goal. For this reason, ETSI has chosen to implement a distributed approach to AI – specialized communities meet in technically focused groups. Examples include the technical committee Cyber with a specific focus on Cybersecurity aspects, ISG SAI working towards securing AI systems, ISG ENI dealing with the question of how to integrate AI into a network architecture. These are three of the thirteen groups currently working on AI related technologies within ETSI. The first initiative dates back to 2016 with the publication of a White Paper describing GANA (the Generic Autonomic Networking Architecture).


Source: ETSI – ETSI’s Activities in Artificial Intelligence: Read our New White Paper

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