Facebook AI Can Now Copy Text Style in Images Using Just a Single Word

  • We’re introducing TextStyleBrush, an AI research project that can copy the style of text in a photo using just a single word. With this AI model, you can edit and replace text in images.
  • Unlike most AI systems that can do this for well-defined, specialized tasks, TextStyleBrush is the first self-supervised AI model that replaces text in images of both handwriting and scenes — in one shot — using a single example word.
  • Although this is a research project, it could one day unlock new potential for creative self-expression like personalized messaging and captions, and lays the groundwork for future innovations like photo-realistic translation of languages in augmented reality (AR).
  • By publishing the capabilities, methods, and results of this research, we hope to spur dialogue and research into detecting potential misuse of this type of technology, such as deepfake text attacks — a critical, emerging challenge in the AI field.


Source: AI Can Now Copy Text Style in Images Using Just a Single Word – About Facebook

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