Google adds ChatGPT AI rival PaLM to Docs, Gmail, API and more

Google has promised to offer API-level access to its large language model PaLM so that developers can build it into their apps and workflows, and thus make the ChatGPT-like text-emitting tech available to world-plus-dog.

The web giant is also threatening to bake the model’s content-generating capabilities into Google Docs, Gmail, and more.


On Tuesday, Google unveiled its PaLM API, opening up its text-generating large language model to developers looking to boost their applications with auto-generated machine-made writing and other stuff. It’s capable of summarizing and classifying text, acting as a support chat bot that interacts with folks on behalf of your organization, and other things, just like the other APIs out there from OpenAI, Cohere, and AI21 Labs.


PaLM API also comes with MakerSuite, a tool that allows developers to experiment with the model by trying different prompts to fine-tune the model’s output. These software services are available to a select few, however, for the moment: Google is gradually rolling them out.

The internet goliath promises that general users can look forward to eventually being able to automatically generate email drafts and replies, as well as summarize text. Images, audio, and video created using the AI engine will be available to add to Slides, whilst better autocomplete is coming to Sheets. New backgrounds and note-generating features are also coming to Meet.


Source: Google adds ChatGPT AI rival to Docs, Gmail, API and more • The Register

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