Google’s Feature for Predicting Flight Delays

Google is adding its flight delay predictions feature to the Google Assistant.

That means starting this holiday season, you should be able to ask the Google Assistant if your flight is on time and get a response showing the status of your flight, the length of a delay (if there is one), and even the cause (assuming that info is available)

“Over the next few weeks,” Google says its flight delay predictor will also start notifying you in cases where its system is 85 percent confident, which is deduced by looking at data from past flight records and combining that with a bit a machine learning smarts to determine if your flight might be late. That leaves some room for error, so it’s also important to note that even when Google predicts that your flight is delayed, it may still recommend for you to show up to the airport normally.

Still, in the space of a year, Google seems to have upped its confidence threshold for predicted delays from 80 to 85 percent

Source: Google’s Feature for Predicting Flight Delays Actually Sounds Useful Now