How AI Can Spot Exam Cheats and Raise Standards

AI is being deployed by those who set and mark exams to reduce fraud — which remains overall a small problem — and to create far greater efficiencies in preparation and marking, and to help improve teaching and studying. From a report, which may be paywalled: From traditional paper-based exam and textbook producers such as Pearson, to digital-native companies such as Coursera, online tools and artificial intelligence are being developed to reduce costs and enhance learning. For years, multiple-choice tests have allowed scanners to score results without human intervention. Now technology is coming directly into the exam hall. Coursera has patented a system to take images of students and verify their identity against scanned documents. There are plagiarism detectors that can scan essay answers and search the web — or the work of other students — to identify copying. Webcams can monitor exam locations to spot malpractice. Even when students are working, they provide clues that can be used to clamp down on cheats. They leave electronic “fingerprints” such as keyboard pressure, speed and even writing style. Emily Glassberg Sands, Cousera’s head of data science, says: “We can validate their keystroke signatures. It’s difficult to prepare for someone hell-bent on cheating, but we are trying every way possible.”

Source: How AI Can Spot Exam Cheats and Raise Standards – Slashdot

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