Human-Machine Teaming Joint Concept Note by UK MoD

Joint Concept Note (JCN) 1/18, Human-Machine Teaming articulates the challenges and opportunities that robotic and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies offer, and identifies how we achieve military advantage through human-machine teams. Its purpose is to guide coherent future force development and help frame defence strategy and policy.

The JCN examines:

  • economic and technological trends and the likely impacts of AI and robotic systems on defence
  • potential evolutionary paths that robotic and AI systems may take in conflict
  • the effects of AI and robotics development on conflict across the observe, orient, decide and act (OODA) loop
  • why optimised human-machine teams will be essential to developing military advantage

JCN 1/18 should be read by everyone who needs to understand how AI, robotics and data can change the future character of conflict, for us and our adversaries.

Source: Human-Machine Teaming (JCN 1/18) – GOV.UK

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