Italy finds decently good out to really stupid ban: Demands OpenAI Allow ChatGPT User Corrections After Ban

In a news announcement on Wednesday, the Italian Data Protection Authority, known as the Garante, stressed that OpenAI needed to be more transparent about its data collection processes and inform users about their data rights with regards to the generative AI. These rights include allowing users and non-users of ChatGPT to object to having their data processed by OpenAI and letting them correct false or inaccurate information about them generated by ChatGPT, similar to rights related to other technologies guaranteed by Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, laws.

Other measures required by the Garante include a public notice on OpenAI’s website “describing the arrangements and logic of the data processing required for the operation of ChatGPT along with the rights afforded to data subjects.” The regulator will also require OpenAI to immediately implement an age gating system for ChatGPT and submit a plan to implement an age verification system by May 31.

The Italian regulator said OpenAI had until April 30 to implement the measures it’s asking for.


Source: Italy Demands OpenAI Allow ChatGPT User Corrections After Ban

Allowing users to correct is in principle a Good Idea, but then you get Wikipedia types of battles on who is the arbiter of truth. Of course, no one system will ever be 100% truthful or accurate, so banning it for this is just stupid. No age gate keeper works either and neither did the ban – people can circumvent these very very easily. So Italy needs some sort of concession to get out of the hole it’s dug itself and this is at least a promising start.

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