OpenAI reveals tool to re-create human voices

OpenAI said on Friday it’s allowed a small number of businesses to test a new tool that can re-create a person’s voice from just a 15-second recording.

Why it matters: The company said it is taking “a cautious and informed approach” to releasing the program, called Voice Engine, more broadly given the high risk of abuse presented by synthetic voice generators.

How it works: Based on the 15-second recording, the program can create a “emotive and realistic” natural-sounding voice that closely resembles the original speaker.

  • This synthetic voice can then be used to read text inputs, even if the text isn’t in the original speaker’s native language.

Case in point: In one example offered by the company, an English speaker’s voice was translated into Spanish, Mandarin, German, French and Japanese while preserving the speaker’s native accent.

  • OpenAI said Voice Engine has so far been used to provide reading assistance to nonreaders, to translate content, and to help people who are nonverbal.


Source: OpenAI reveals tool to re-create human voices

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