a new report by more than 20 researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, OpenAI, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation warns that the same technology creates new opportunities for criminals, political operatives, and oppressive governments—so much so that some AI research may need to be kept secret.

Included in the report, The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation, are four dystopian vignettes involving artificial intelligence that seem taken straight out of the Netflix science fiction show Black Mirror.

Source: The “Black Mirror” scenarios that are leading some experts to call for more secrecy on AI – MIT Technology Review

This is completely ridiculous. The knowledge is out there and if not, will be stolen. In that case, if you don’t know about potential attack vectors, you are completely defenseless against them and so are security firms trying to help you.

Besides this, basing security on Movie Plots you can think up (and I’m pretty sure any reader can think up loads more, quite easily!) doesn’t work, because then you are vulnerable to any of the movie plots the other thought up and you didn’t.

Good security is basic and intrinsic. AI / ML is here and we need a solid discussion in our societies as to how we want it to impact us, instead of all this cold war fear mongering.